Why Do Teachers Put Tennis Balls On Chairs?

I have to say this looks like a strange sight to me 🙂 It’s something I never saw in the classroom when I was a boy, but it seems putting tennis balls on chair legs certainly happens at some schools. Why do teachers do this? What’s the reason for it? Why do teachers put tennis … Read more

What Size Tennis Racket Do You Need?

I’ve been playing tennis regularly for almost 3 years now and I believe I’m steadily improving month by month. Although you obviously need the right technique to hit your shots effectively, the right tennis racket can make a difference in terms of the power, control, feel and spin you can generate. I started off with … Read more

Tennis Balls Vs Baseballs

These days I don’t really follow American sports that much. Apart from tennis, I’m a big Aston Villa fan (unfortunately, my team has been poor for many years now). They’re a football team based in the Midlands in the UK in case you didn’t know… However, from 2007-2009, I did live in the US for … Read more

Tennis Ball vs Cricket Ball

For someone who considers himself quite sporty, for some reason I could just never grasp the game of cricket. Racket sports, football and athletics were definitely more my thing. I remember playing cricket at school one time, and the coach said I was gripping the bat with my hands the wrong way round! 🙂 My … Read more