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It goes without saying that every parent is concerned about the safety and wellbeing of their baby when they’re asleep.

If you’re a new parent, once you’ve come home with your newborn baby, you’ll have sleepless nights, and suffer with fatigue and exhaustion, certainly for the first few months.

So anything which can help, and give you some peace of mind is certainly welcome!

This is what baby monitors can offer you.

However, gone are the days of only having basic audio baby monitors to choose.

Now there are baby monitors that can detect breathing patterns, temperature and heart rates, extra features which can make you feel more at ease that your baby is sleeping safe and sound.

In this blog post I’ll take a look at the Angelcare AC327 Baby Breathing Monitor and the Owlet Smart Sock 2

Angelcare AC327 Baby Breathing Monitor With Video

This baby monitor features a wireless movement-sensor pad, and a video monitor so you can see your baby on a screen.

Let’s have a look at things in a bit more detail.

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How does it work?

The parent unit, sensor pad and video monitor easily connect with each other to give you a reliable connection, interference-free from other sources such as mobile phones and microwaves.

To use the sensor pad, you place it underneath the mattress and then with a few taps on the corner of the mattress, after you’ve switched on the parent and baby units, you should be able to hear a TIC sound and the parent unit should flash green.

It’s very sensitive and will alert you if no movement is detected after a period of time.

The baby unit has night vision and a zoom feature so you can look at your baby more closely. It also has a stand, or you can attach it a wall.

The parent unit has a 4.3’ colour LCD screen, and 2 way talkback so you can speak to your baby from another room to soothe them if they’re a bit restless. The audio quality is very clear and audible.

You can also connect additional cameras to the parent unit if you need, which is useful if you have other children.

The range is very good, and you can use it between different rooms, different floors and even outside. There is an out-of-range alarm feature if you do wander off too far.

Furthermore, the temperature monitor is fairly accurate and reliable.

The Angelcare AC327 is easy to use and fairly easy to install, and there are some useful videos on YouTube as well if you get stuck.


Out of a 5* rating here is some feedback from customers who’ve already bought this product. Generally very positive:

  • Target has 4.9*
  • Buy Buy Baby has 4.9*

Check out some of the customer reviews and comments on Amazon aswell.

Any issues?

The picture quality isn’t the greatest, especially if there isn’t much light in the room, but it’s good enough to see that your little one is ok.

It also takes quite a while to charge the parent battery unit, around 8 hours, and the battery life is around 6 hours which could be better. Fortunately, there is a low-battery warning which will go off around 15 minutes before it turns itself off.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, setting everything up is actually quite straightforward, but the instruction manual is little on the heavy side.  Just make sure the parent unit is charged fully first before you start using it.

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Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

Here’s a breakdown of the features, customer ratings as well as the pros and cons of the Owlet Smart Sock baby monitor.

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How it works

This baby monitor works by detecting your baby’s heart and oxygen levels using something called, Pulse Oximetry (sounds rather sophisticated doesn’t it?)

You simply place the “smart” sock on your baby’s foot and all the readings are sent via Bluetooth to the main base.

If you’re concerned about using this baby monitor over a large distance, you can put your mind at rest. The sock can work up to 100ft away from the base, great if you live in a very large house, or if your baby’s room is on a different floor.

Furthermore, there are no dangerous cords dangling near your baby when you use this product, which makes it safer to use.

When everything is how it should be, the base will shine a reassuring green colour. If there is a problem, the base will glow the following colours

  • Red: This means either the heart rate or oxygen level of your baby is too high or too low. An alarm will also sound from the base unit and from your phone. Take action now!
  • Blue: This just means there is something wrong with the connection.
  • Yellow: Either the sock isn’t working properly, or it has come off your baby’s foot.

A great feature with the Owlet Smart Sock 2 is that you can download an app for your phone (available for Android and iPhone users). This is just another way to track the heart and oxygen levels. This means you have a 3 way connection between the sock, the main base and the phone.

It also means you can check your baby’s vital signs at any time.

NB – You have to charge the sock to ensure it works properly, and this normally takes about 3 hours or so.


The product is well received by users online. Out of a 5* rating:

  • Target has 4.5*
  • Walmart has 4.4*
  • Buy Buy Baby has 4.5*

Check out some of the customer reviews and comments on Amazon

Any issues?

Connectivity can be an issue if you don’t have the best Wifi connection in your home. If you download the app for your phone as well, then it’s just another thing which can break down at times.

Want to take the Owlet with you if you’re going away somewhere?

You’ll likely run into some problems if you try and connect to any guest Wifi connection.

Furthermore, it will only monitor things correctly if your baby is still. When they’re moving data isn’t sent from the sock to the base and phone.

Lastly, although it’s clearly one of the more advanced baby monitors on the market, it does cost a bit more.

If you want some more information on this baby monitor, here is a comparison with the Owlet Smart Sock and Snuza Hero

What happens if the sock falls off?

The base should flash yellow and let you know there is a fault.

What if the sock doesn’t fit my baby’s foot?

You get 3 socks when your purchase this baby monitor, of different sizes, so it can be used for quite a while as your baby grows.

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So which is the best option for you?

In terms of ease of use and price, the Angelcare is probably the one for you.

However, if you want some other features, such as oxygen and heart levels, and you like the convenience of using everything with your phone, then the Owlet is worth considering.

But it’s a bit more expensive so it depends on your budget.

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