Golf vs Tennis

As someone who plays golf and tennis, I find both sports demanding in different ways. Although tennis is lot more challenging physically, the mental game of golf is very tough. That’s not to say you don’t need to me in great shape to be a top golfer these days. Looking at how often professional golfers … Read more

Are Left Handed Tennis Players Better?

Over the years playing tennis, I haven’t faced that many left handed players. However, on the rare occasions when I’ve played them in singles, I certainly have to adapt my tactics and think about where I’m placing my shots, particularly on the serve. In this article, let’s take a look at whether left handed tennis … Read more

How Far Do Tennis Players Run In Match?

When I watch a tennis match I often wonder how far the players are actually running throughout the game. The court may be small, but with all the quick sprints and sharp changes of direction, I bet it adds up quite a bit. On average players may run anywhere between 2-5 miles during a 5 … Read more

How Do Tennis Players Earn Money?

When Wimbledon comes round every year, pundits and the media often talk about the staggering amounts of prize money the players can win. Even if you make it into the first round as a qualifier, you receive a big pay day, which can be useful for players not ranked in the upper echelons of the … Read more

How Much Do Tennis Coaches Make?

Whenever you watch a tennis match on TV, it’s often interesting to see a player glance at their coach in the stands, whether it’s for a good or bad reason. A quick fist pump, or a ‘Come on’ yell if a player is doing well, or a scream and evil glare if things aren’t going … Read more