Ergo Baby Carrier vs Baby Bjorn vs LILLEbaby

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Baby carriers are very useful products for parents, especially when a stroller isn’t really suitable for your situation.

As you can imagine, each brand offers its own advantages and disadvantages, in terms of comfort, safety and durability.

Ergo, Baby Bjorn, and LILLEbaby are some well known names in this market space, and knowing the differences between them will help you choose the best one for your needs.

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The following article will look at the features of 3 baby carriers as well as the pros and cons of each product.

A detailed comparison of 3 baby carriers; Ergo Baby, Baby Bjorn and Lillebaby.

Ergo Baby Carrier

As its name suggests, the Ergo baby carrier is an ergonomically designed and very comfortable baby carrier with features that include an adjustable bucket seat to support your baby in a natural “M” position and the ability to face the baby either inward or outward.

You can add an infant insert for babies up to 12 pounds or use the carrier without the insert for babies 12 to 33 pounds, meaning that it is comfortable for babies of all ages.

Made to accommodate both babies and toddlers, the Ergo baby carrier is made with a wide wrap-around waistband that is comfortable for all mothers, even those who have had C-sections.

It provides support for your lower back and has padded shoulders that help distribute baby’s weight more evenly.

Its adjustable shoulder straps and waistband fit parents of all heights and weights.

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This baby carrier is so well designed that it is perfect for breastfeeding, it is machine-washable, and it even comes with a tuck-away hood to protect baby from the sun and wind.

Made mostly of polyester and cotton, the Ergo baby carrier comes in neutral colors and weighs a mere 8 ounces. The 360 version is an upgrade of the original version and it offers a little more support than the older one does.

A very versatile baby carrier that can be used comfortably by both moms and dads, the Ergo carrier is easy to wear and allows you to keep your baby close to you while you’re out and about, even stopping strangers from reaching over and getting too close.


  • Baby can face inwards or outwards
  • It can support a weight up to 33lbs, which makes it suitable for toddlers too.
  • Very comfortable with even weight distribution from lower back to your shoulders.
  • Machine washable


  • Some users have expressed concern about the hip strap being loud but it doesn’t seem to bother the babies themselves.

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Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

Made mostly of cotton and polyester, the Baby Bjorn baby carrier was developed with input from pediatricians for the ultimate head, neck, hip, and spine support for your baby, making this one small but very safe and accommodating baby carrier.

It fits babies up to 12 months without the need for an insert and its ergonomic design allows you to face baby in or out.

This baby carrier is very safe and simple to use and it can be used by babies of both genders because of its neutral colors. It leaves your hands free for grocery shopping or running other errands and it can be worn by parents of all sizes and without any assistance.

There is no need for an instruction manual with this useful product!

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The Baby Bjorn baby carrier has snaps that make it easy to take it on or off and if your child falls asleep in it, you can easily transfer him or her to the crib or a sleeping mat without waking him up.

The mesh part is breathable for extra comfort. You can even fold it up and place it in a small diaper bag or even your purse. The back straps are also very easy to adjust if you need to do so.

Best of all, this baby carrier allows for the ultimate in comfort for your baby so he or she will always be in the perfect upright position.

The shoulder straps have also caused some of its users some discomfort and some users complain about lower back pain with regular use.


  • Specially designed by pediatricians to ensure your baby is safe and supported correctly.
  • Baby can face inwards and outwards
  • No infant insert required (these are an extra step and can be a bit fiddly to use in some baby carriers)


  • The connector in the back doesn’t stay in the adjusted position for very long and it sometimes slips into another position
  • The shoulder straps can cause some discomfort and some users have complained about lower back pain with regular use.
  • Only suitable for babies up to 12 months

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LILLEbaby Baby Carrier

The LILLEbaby carrier is a 6-position, ergonomically designed baby carrier that is available in dozens of colors.

You can carry the baby on your chest or your back and its 3D mesh air panel provides great control over your baby’s temperature, making both of you more comfortable. In fact, you can even carry baby in a fetal position if you like.

This carrier has side panels that can widen or narrow the seat of the carrier and therefore allow for positioning your hips in a perfectly comfortable manner. It provides for hands-free comfort and allows you to do your errand running in comfort and style for both you and baby.

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Some of the carrier’s many features include a removable sleeping hood, extendable torso section, large storage pocket with zipper, and two-way straps that adjust easily and quickly depending on which direction you’d like the baby to face.

It also fits babies up to 45 pounds so it can accommodate both babies and toddlers.

The LILLEbaby baby carrier has one-of-a-kind lumbar support and never requires an insert for your baby to be comfortable. The excellent materials make the carrier breathable and therefore more comfortable when it’s hot outside.

It is super easy to put on and take off regardless of your experience level or your size.

A lightweight carrier that is perfect for new and inexperienced moms, the LILLEbaby baby carrier doesn’t keep heat in but instead allows for super comfort.

Some users have complained that it is cumbersome and bulky and still others have claimed that it is uncomfortable and makes breastfeeding difficult.


  • A highly versatile baby carrier – support a weight up to 45lbs
  • 6 different carrying positions.
  • 3D mesh air panel ensures your baby will be comfortable at a nice temperature.


  • It’s a little on the bulky side, and not quite as comfortable as some other baby carriers.

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