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7 Best Babolat Strings

Millions of tennis fans are unaware of the importance of a tennis racket’s strings. Numerous tennis racket and string brands are currently available, although Babolat is often considered the industry leader for the last two decades.

While much of Babolat’s success can be attributed to Rafael Nadal’s extraordinary achievements, the company’s multiple string offerings are the distinguishing factor.

Babolat’s strings are flawless and high-quality; however, which are the best?

1. Babolat Touch Vs Natural Gut 16/1.30

The Babolat Touch Vs Natural Gut was launched in 1925 and has become one of the most celebrated and iconic tennis strings ever created.

This string is known for its unparalleled power, comfort, and feel, while the string is highly respected for its ability to maintain sufficient tension and playability. The distinguishing factor of the Babolat Touch Vs Natural Gut string is its unique hybrid mixture of advanced materials, enabling it to maintain its associated power, control, tension, and playability.

Furthermore, the Babolat Touch Vs Natural Gut string is a control string, usually low-powered, firm, and durable.

To obtain such desirable playing characteristics, Babolat utilized advanced polyester materials. However, the polyester materials are underpowered and stiff for beginner players, meaning that the world’s best tennis players favor the string.

The Babolat Touch Vs Natural Gut was revolutionary when it was first introduced. The various technological advancements since then allowed some of the best players in the world to effectively control their enormous swings while simultaneously generating an outrageous amount of spin.

The Babolat Touch Vs Natural Gut string will remain the world’s best string for the foreseeable future, especially as younger players are additionally inclined to shave big swings that can be effectively controlled by the strings’ ability to generate massive amounts of spin and control. 


  • Unmatched feel and spin potential
  • Easy to control, enhancing shot accuracy
  • More forgiving than other Babolat strings
  • Used by many players ranked in the top 100


  • Not enormously durable and requires frequent replacement
  • The most expensive Babolat string currently available

2. Babolat RPM Team 16/1.30

The Babolat Rpm Team 16/1.30 string is best known for its exceptional spin potential and control, combined with surprising durability.

Professional players require a string that can suit their playing style while maintaining tension and playability for as long as possible.

When the strings’ tension decreases, it will be more challenging for the player to maintain their hitting control, power, and racket firmness, which will hinder their chances of winning the match.

The Babolat Rpm Team 16/1.30 string is best known for its spin-generating abilities, with the string model frequently obtaining the highest spin score in global string laboratories.

In addition, the Babolat Rpm Team 16/1.30 string is revered for its softer feel and point of contact control, which is why many of the world’s best players choose the string without a second thought.

The Babolat Rpm Team 16/1.30 string is made from advanced polyester materials, with their textured and shaped surfaces beneficial to grip and spin the ball.

In addition, the Babolat Rpm Team 16/1.30 string has a low-friction surface design, which enables it to snapback to its original position after sliding around during the point of contact.

The Babolat Rpm Team 16/1.30 string was designed for control and spin, meaning that the power levels of the string are relatively low. However, the string’s low power rating should not be a deterrent as it makes it easier to obtain an enormous racket head speed required for generating heavy spin.


  • Outstanding spin control and potential
  • Unmatched contact control
  • One of the most durable strings Babolat offers
  • The string plays firmly, offering an advantage to big-hitting tennis players
  • Trusted by many of the best players in the world


  • Expensive
  • Unforgiving for inexperienced players

3. Babolat Rpm Rough 17/1.25

The Babolat Rpm Rough 17/1.25 String is best known for its unmatched power potential, comfortable feel, crisp sound at the point of contact, and Rafael Nadal’s endorsement.

It’s made from multifilament materials known to dramatically enhance power and comfort during the most intense tennis matches. Multifilament string material differs from the polyester synthetic materials found in most other strings.

The advanced material comprises millions of ultra-pliable and flexible polyurethane resins, significantly reducing the likelihood of a player developing a tennis elbow.

The Babolat Rpm Rough string’s main advantage and distinguishing factor are that it automatically increases power and comfort while being used by one of the greatest players to ever grace the game, Rafael Nadal.


  • Outstanding power potential, which further enhances the racket’s sweet spot
  • Comfortable feel in the hand
  • Comfortable feel off the racket head at the point of contact
  • Crisp and lively sound
  • Endorsed by Rafael Nadal
  • Inexpensive compared to other Babolat string offerings


  • String tension drops quickly, requiring constant maintenance and attention
  • Inconsistent power
  • Low spin potential compared to other Babolat string offerings

4. Babolat Xcel 16/1.30

The Babolat Xcel 16/1.30 String is aimed at beginner tennis players or those seeking the best value for money string.

This string is best known for its easy power at the point of contact, seamlessly combined with heightened point of contact control, spin control, spin potential, and unmatched durability.

While the world’s best players do not favor it, the Babolat Xcel 16/1.30 string is perfect for beginners and young players due to its remarkable value-for-money offering.

The Babolat Xcel 16/1.30 string is relatively soft, although it effectively maintains its enormous spin and ball control potential. Tennis experts agree that the Babolat Xcel 16/1.30 string is a high-performance and inexpensive string option, offering far more durability and control than competitors.


  • Enormous and easy power at the point of contact
  • Value for money
  • Sufficient spin control
  • The most comfortable string currently sold by Babolat
  • An elevated level of control
  • Surprisingly durable


  • It can be underpowered and stiff for non-professional players

5. Babolat Addixion 16/1.30

The Babolat Addixion 16/1.30 string is one of the latest and most advanced models Babolat currently produces.

This string is globally revered for its outstanding durability. The string rarely displays any signs of fraying despite being used in some of the most intense tennis matches. The string furthers Babolat’s reputation as the world leader in spin generation, power potential, and point of contact control.

Furthermore, the Babolat Addixion 16/1.30 string enhances hitting power while maintaining its unmatched spin generation potential. The Babolat Addixion 16/1.30 string’s unique characteristics and material composition allow it to maintain string tension for longer than any competing brand.


  • Strings are remarkably durable and rarely display any sign of fraying
  • Outstanding tension maintenance, requiring less costly replacements
  • The unmatched spin control and potential
  • One of the more powerful strings offered by Babolat


  • Strings occasionally splay or separate when playing, decreasing shot accuracy
  • Inconsistent feeling if the separated strings are not appropriately mended between rallies
  • Strings are quick to notch for players favoring a defensive game style
  • Unforgiving for beginner players

6. Babolat Rpm Power 17/1.25

The Babolat Rpm Power 17/1.25 string has recently become one of the company’s most popular string offerings. 

The Babolat Rpm Power 17/1.25 string is envied for its easy automatic power and massive sweet spot, which increases the likelihood of any player hitting a clean winner directly down the line. In addition, the Babolat Rpm Power 17/1.25 string is relatively forgiving, benefitting struggling or beginner players.

As with most Babolat strings, the Babolat Rpm Power 17/1.25 string generates extraordinary spin on each shot, increasing ball control and improving player confidence. It is known that high spin levels usually equate to enhanced ball control as the spin forces the ball to land in the court and not go long. 

Moreover, the Babolat Rpm Power 17/1.25 string is one of the most comfortable strings available in the market, resulting in it becoming the best-selling string of 2022 while being constantly endorsed by many of the world’s greatest players. 


  • Excellent spin control and potential
  • Easy power during rallies, especially in the enormous sweet spot
  • Forgiving for beginner players
  • Comfortable in hand and during tennis matches
  • Used by many of the world’s best men’s and women’s tennis players


  • Not as durable as other Babolat string offerings
  • The strings lose their characterized spin and texture in less than 10 hours of playing
  • Lack of tension durability, which is costly and requires frequent maintenance

7. Babolat Rpm Blast 15l/1.35

The Babolat Rpm Blast 15l/1.35 String is one of the best strings ever produced, mainly due to its durability, firmness, and enormous spin potential. 

The unique characteristics of the Babolat Rpm Blast 15l/1.35 string enable elite players to constantly attack the ball with their most powerful shots, which is due to the strings’ unmatched spin potential and control. the Babolat Rpm Blast 15l/1.35 string is aimed at big hitting players that are attempting to load their shots with additional spin and pace.  

In addition, the Babolat Rpm Blast 15l/1.35 string was designed in such a way that the strings snap directly back to their original position even after the most vicious shots and rallies.

The string design enhances durability. However, it also significantly increases spin generation, making the ball heavy and challenging for rivals to return. 


  • The enormous sweet spot, which dramatically increases the potential of hitting clean winners
  • The unmatched spin control and potential
  • Lively sound at the point of contact
  • The synthetic composition of the strings increases topspin and improves shot selection
  • The forgiving nature of the strings improves player confidence


  • Expensive
  • String and tension durability could be higher