Why Do You Water Tennis Courts?

I always look forward to my weekly run out on the tennis courts. But as I play outdoors, the weather is a big factor, especially playing in the UK. Very rarely do I play in ideal tennis conditions; blue skies, warm and no wind. At the moment, I only have the option of playing on … Read more

5 Tennis Rules Involving The Net

Like any sport, tennis is full of rules. Some are quite obvious, like the ball can only bounce once on each side of the court during a rally, or you have to serve into the service box diagonally opposite to you. However, there are several tennis rules which are less obvious, and many of these … Read more

Why Do Teachers Put Tennis Balls On Chairs?

I have to say this looks like a strange sight to me 🙂 It’s something I never saw in the classroom when I was a boy, but it seems putting tennis balls on chair legs certainly happens at some schools. Why do teachers do this? What’s the reason for it? Why do teachers put tennis … Read more

Tennis Balls Vs Baseballs

These days I don’t really follow American sports that much. Apart from tennis, I’m a big Aston Villa fan (unfortunately, my team has been poor for many years now). They’re a football team based in the Midlands in the UK in case you didn’t know… However, from 2007-2009, I did live in the US for … Read more

Tennis Ball vs Cricket Ball

For someone who considers himself quite sporty, for some reason I could just never grasp the game of cricket. Racket sports, football and athletics were definitely more my thing. I remember playing cricket at school one time, and the coach said I was gripping the bat with my hands the wrong way round! 🙂 My … Read more

Why Do Tennis Balls Bounce?

I love opening a new canister of tennis balls. That popping sound, the new tennis ball smell and the nice bounce you get when you play with them. However, I’ve never given much thought as to why tennis balls bounce (or any ball for that matter). In this blog post, let’s take a look at … Read more

When Was The Tennis Ball Invented?

The humble little tennis ball has had quite a journey over the past few hundred years. It’s changed quite a bit during this time, and it’s even been embroiled in political controversies. Who invented the tennis ball? Charles Goodyear is credited with inventing the first rubber tennis ball. He was involved in the rubber industry, … Read more

How Many Tennis Balls Can Fit In A….?

Job interviews are tough. I’ve had my fair share over the years. Some bad, some ok and some have gone well. But I’ve always had a positive mindset with interviews. Basically, especially in today’s job market, getting an interview is actually a great achievement. Think about it. Sometimes there might be over 100 applicants for … Read more

How Many Tennis Balls Are Used In A Match?

Tennis balls are everywhere. As of 2020, a whopping 325 million are produced every year. Unfortunately, a lot of used tennis balls end up on landfill sites, but in recent years, there does seem to be a more concerted effort to recycle and find creative ways to reuse them. The reason for the high turnover … Read more