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Alexander Zverev’s Racquet Setup

Of all the large racquet companies, Head seems to have the widest variety of pro stock offerings for its professional players. Their internal pro stock catalog is highly organized and offers current and discontinued retail molds with retail and custom layups in addition to a few pro stock molds and layups that were never available …

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7 Best Babolat Strings

Millions of tennis fans are unaware of the importance of a tennis racket’s strings. Numerous tennis racket and string brands are currently available, although Babolat is often considered the industry leader for the last two decades. While much of Babolat’s success can be attributed to Rafael Nadal’s extraordinary achievements, the company’s multiple string offerings are …

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15 Greatest Clay Court Players of All Time

Clay court tennis players are a different breed when it comes to consistent success. Moving on clay is more challenging, and the ball slows down so that the points last longer. A quality clay court tennis player must be in outstanding shape to win a big tournament. Just about every tennis fan already knows the …

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What Languages Does Roger Federer Speak?

Roger Federer was born in Basel, a Swiss town close to the borders of Germany and France. As a boy, he quickly learned to speak a variety of languages, as is the norm in Switzerland. Known for his ability to switch between languages during his entertaining interviews, what languages does Roger Federer speak? Roger Federer, …

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Men’s vs Women’s Tennis: The 5 Main Differences

Tennis is better than most other sports regarding equality between men and women. Professional tennis players receive equal pay regardless of their gender, for example. They play with the same racquets and on the same size courts. But despite this, there are still a few differences between men’s and women’s tennis. The main differences between …

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