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Cameron Norrie’s Tennis Shoes

The no.1 British tennis player Cameron Norrie is a prime example of what a late bloomer is. One of the few players that went to college and went on to be a top 20 player.

There isn’t really a shot that stands out for Norrie; it’s his consistency and pinpoint accuracy that makes him such a good player.

Apart from his racquet, a lot of fans are curious about his shoes. That’s what we will go through in this post.

Cameron Norrie currently wears the K Swiss Ultrashot 3. He has worn a version of this shoe for a couple of seasons now, but before then, he used to be sponsored by Nike and wore different versions of the Nike Vapor.

K Swiss isn’t necessarily one of the most common brands when it comes to top-level tennis, but sponsoring a player like Cameron Norrie is huge. He’s currently the only player in the ATP top 50 wearing K Swiss. However, that doesn’t mean that their shoes should be overlooked by any means.

Most pro players wear Nike shoes, but that’s because they have the biggest budget rather than the best tennis shoes. That said, Norrie’s shoes, the K Swiss Ultrashot 3 is not for everyone, but for the right kind of player, they are very impressive.

The Ultrashot 3 is not only durable, supportive, and very comfortable, but they also provide the stability and traction needed to perform well on a tennis court.

They are slightly heavier than the most popular Nike models, but if you don’t mind a little more weight, you can’t go wrong with the K Swiss Ultrashot 3.

Here’s how Tennis Warehouse rated the K Swiss Ultrashot 3.

Since K Swiss isn’t a household brand in the tennis scene (yet), they aren’t as easy to find as brands like Nike and Adidas. However, Cameron Norries’ shoes are still available on many different sites online. As I’m writing this, I found the lowest price on Amazon. You can check the current price here.