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The Best Seats At a Tennis Match (A Complete Guide)

Everyone wants to make the most out of their tennis match experience. To do this, you must know what some of the best seats are at one. So, what are the best seats at a tennis match?

For many, the baseline seats are the best in any tennis match. You see tennis players up close in action and truly appreciate the skill that goes into every serve. However, if one cannot afford to buy tickets there, the seats next to the tunnel or the loge are also some of the best.

The last thing avid tennis lovers want is to miss out on the action because of poor seats at a tennis match. Although it may be subjective depending on why you’re going to a tennis match, there are some seats that many agree are simply the best.

Here are the best tennis match seats and other alternative seats that are the best in their own ways.

Choosing The Best Seats For a Tennis Match

There are typically over 20000 seats with three major levels at any popular tennis tournament. This may make it difficult for you to decide where the best view of the players is.

To figure this out, a seating recommendation algorithm has been worked on by tennis tournament event planners with decades of experience in these live matches. Here are the best seats at a tennis match.

Where Are The Best Seats At A Tennis Match?

Although there is something for everyone, the best seats are undoubtedly located on the baseline. Almost often, the front row is best. These seats are typically situated at the center of the stadium baseline.

You can best understand the speed, spin, and angles the tennis players are using from there. Furthermore, they are insanely close to the action that the chances of you missing anything are slim.

Tennis lovers have the chance to experience the rush and watch players up close and personal. There are only a few of these seats in each section which means you can come and go as you please without your entry and exit being hindered by a plethora of people.

By viewing the match from this vantage point, viewers can imagine what it might be like to play, serve returns, etc.

Additionally, it provides a clear picture of how hard every player tries. The players’ faces can also be seen during changeovers, and fans have a less obstructed view if they are seated across from the umpire’s chair.

When seated behind the chair, the proximity to the players allows fans to cheer them on, observe what they do, and overhear their interactions with the umpire.

Are Baseline Seats The Only Best Seats At A Tennis Match?

Suppose you still want the best seats and unique interaction with the tennis players. In that case, the best seats would be the seats situated directly next to the tunnel where players exit to get onto the court for a game.

These are the seats to go for if you’re looking for an autograph. Viewers can interact with the players, as players typically walk right by those seats.

Although it isn’t set in stone that fans will definitely get an autograph, it has been obvious that those in the first two rows get lucky more frequently than not. 

Furthermore, those in these seats also get to be the last to applaud and congratulate players as they leave the court.

Basically, these seats are all about getting to interact with players. However, remember that the view isn’t exactly great, but still good. You will, however, always have a clear view of both players.

In addition, fans are considerably more aware of the spin, trajectory, and force being applied to the ball.

Due to perspective, the court appears less warped and foreshortened. In fact, you can even observe the ball in a side-to-side motion.

What Are The Best Seats For Tennis Lovers On A Budget?

Loge corner seats are often the best for fans on a budget as they are much cheaper than baseline seats. Although it is generally thought that anything cheap isn’t good quality or won’t offer the best experience, that isn’t the case with these.

Although they are cheaper, they offer almost the same view quality. Furthermore, if you aren’t a fan of sitting in the sun the whole day, the loge seats are best as they tend to be shaded for most of the day. 

Watching Tennis On TV Is Better Than The Worst Seats

This may sound weird, but the best seats will be in front of the TV in your living room if all else fails. The ultimate worst seats are located at the third level of the court and are quite high up.

These seats are so far from the court, and the view is so distorted, particularly in bigger stadiums, that many would much rather just watch the game on television.

When watching in the bigger stadiums, even the excitement of a live tennis match, a big motivation for watching tennis live, is substantially diminished.

For example, in comparison to the major venues at Wimbledon and Roland Garros, Arthur Ashe Stadium, the U.S. Open, is a stadium that a good amount of tennis players tend to genuinely despise.

This is because the 300 top seats are far farther from the play than those in the top part of just about any other stadium in the sport since it was intended to maximize revenue rather than to maximize viewing for the spectators.

For this reason, you can see how the best seat would very well be in front of your TV at home if you did not get tickets to the other best seats mentioned above.


Anyone that goes to a live sport deserves to get the best seats to enhance their experience. In the case of tennis, the best seats are the baseline seats.

Following that, the seats next to the tunnel are some of the best. For those on a budget, loge seats won’t disappoint you. And watching from the good old comfort of your own TV is the best seat in its own way.