Can Tennis Balls Be Recycled?

To be honest, I’ve never given much thought into what happens to tennis balls once they’re no longer usable. Fortunately, I don’t have many. I play tennis regularly on Saturdays with a group, and one person is responsible for the balls each week. Any tennis balls I do have, I generally keep them in the … Read more

Do Tennis Balls Float?

Why do things float? In a nutshell, objects float when they have positive buoyancy, which means they are less dense than the fluid they are lying in. Usually objects which are hollow can float on water because air is less dense. This is why huge objects like large ships can float on the surface. What … Read more

Physical Benefits Of Playing Tennis

My only regret about playing tennis is that I didn’t take up the sport more seriously at a younger age. As I approach 40 (still a year or so to go…gulp!), and having played for the past 3 years, I’m pleased that my game is steadily improving. Furthermore, I’ve noticed some of the physical benefits … Read more

How High Is A Tennis Net?

Have you ever walked onto the tennis court and thought to yourself… “Mmmm, that tennis net looks a bit low” To be honest, I’ve never thought about such things when I’m playing, and it’s usually other tennis players who pick up on it. I’m not the most observant person at the best of times 🙂 … Read more

Is Tennis A Hard Sport?

I’ve been playing tennis for a few years now and I’d like to think my game has been steadily improving. There are wonderful benefits to playing this game, such as the social aspects of meeting other people, not to mention the physical and mental benefits as well. But it is a challenging sport. Why is … Read more

How Long Do Tennis Balls Last?

One of the pleasures of getting ready for a tennis match is cracking open a new canister of tennis balls. You can get a bit more zip on your shots and achieve a higher bounce on your serves to keep your opponents further back in the court. However, on the other hand tennis balls can … Read more

How To Loosen Tennis Strings

Tennis rackets have evolved massively over the years. Wooden rackets were common place until Jimmy Connors started using a steel racket in the 1970s. Seeing the power he could generate, including his comprehensive victory over Ken Rosewall in 1974, led to many more players switching to metal rackets. Aluminium was the material of choice for … Read more

Why Are Tennis Courts Blue?

With the Australian Open in full swing, I’ve been watching the tennis highlights every day. My money is on Djokovic on the men’s side (although I think Tsitsipas might win a major tournament this year…so it could be this one) and probably Halep for the women. Let’s see if I’m right in a week or … Read more