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4 Best Head Tennis Rackets

Head is referred to by many people as one of the best tennis brands in the world right now. They put out quality racquets for all types of players, and they have a bunch of pro players who endorse them as well.

When looking for the best, players always look for the newest technology and the latest releases.

As of right now, what are the best Head tennis racquets on the market today? No matter what type of player is shopping, they can find what they need.

1. Head Gravity Pro

The Gravity series is a solid one overall from Head. The whole goal is to provide some of the best control and feel a player can have for all types of plane styles. The Pro, in particular, has grown as one of the most popular options right now.

The 18×20 string pattern will provide low power and control for those who can create their own pace. It also has a very thin beam at 20 mm, allowing players to feel the ball when they hit it. It’s one of the best racquets out there when hitting groundstrokes because it provides enough mass to drive the ball, without ever feeling pushed around.

Players who don’t love having a good amount of spin potential might not necessarily like the Gravity compared to some of the others from Head. It also doesn’t provide the free power that players can sometimes benefit from. However, everything else does exactly as it should for a racquet of this caliber.

There are plenty of racquets in the Gravity family, but the Pro seems to be one many gravitate towards since it is a little bit heavier. That extra mass comes in handy when playing at the top level.


  • Excellent control
  • Outstanding feel
  • Provides enough mass for all types of shots


  • Lacks spin potential
  • Doesn’t provide a lot of free power

2. Head Graphene 360 Speed MP

The Speed MP has been one of Head’s top options for quite some time now. When Head decided to create the Speed family, they wanted several racquets that provide classic control with a little bit of modern power.

All-court players who like the balance will benefit most from these racquets. There is a lot of variation out there, but the Speed MP 2022 is one of the hottest models out right now.

For the 2022 version, Head has improved the feel and power of this racquet. It’s a little bit lighter and faster when swung, while also messing with the string pattern a little bit. This provides better ball feedback as well with a straight beam on the racquet.

Taking a look at the specifications, they stuck with 100 in.² for the head size and standard length. The strung weight is 11.1 ounces, and the swing weight is just 323. That’s good news for people who want to create a little bit more of their own power when they have extra time to take rips at balls.

This is a great starting point for anyone looking at the Speed racquet series. It could end up being the perfect pick, or there are ways to move to other racquet lines from Head after giving it a try.


  • Very balanced racquet
  • Lighter and faster than the previous model
  • Outstanding feel


  • A little too middle of the road for some players
  • Might seem too light with the update

3. Head Graphene 360 Prestige Tour

The Prestige line from Head has been around for a very long time. It has always been known to provide outstanding control and feel for all players. The Prestige Tour might be the most popular model in this line right now, as older players seem to gravitate towards the heavier racquet to hit the ball the way they want to.

Using the Head Prestige Tour is going to be challenging for new players. This is for advanced players mostly, as the head size is just 95 in.². It also has a swingweight that is 338, which might be a little too much for people to handle when they are pulling off all types of shots.

Those who do have great control of the racquet will find it to be very stable. It provides a great feel and outstanding command when hitting the ball all over the court. No one feels like they are pushed around when they have the Prestige Tour in their hands.

One of the great things about this 2021 model is that they messed with the string pattern a little bit to keep things tight. Even though it’s a 16×19 string pattern, the spacing is perfect for players who hit the ball where they are supposed to.


  • Outstanding control
  • Great feel
  • Plenty of mass behind the racquet for big shots


  • Tough to handle for some
  • Not built for beginner or intermediate players

4. Head Graphene 360 Radical MP

When Head first launched the Radical line of racquets in the 1990s, it instantly became a hit thanks to Andre Agassi. The legacy lives on, even though they have made quite a few changes to the setup of the racquet overall. The Radical MP is perfect for people who want to have a racquet that can do a little bit of everything while they learn the game.

Experienced players are going to love this particular racquet because it’s stable with controllable power. Those who are still learning the game a little bit and trying to get better will also like it because it’s a performance racquet that doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

Groundstrokes get a little bit of extra power and spin on every shot, allowing players to change defense to offense.

Not everyone’s in love with serving while using this racquet, but everything else plays exactly as it should. There are quite a few different models from the Radical line, so give them all a try when figuring out the next racquet. 


  • Great on groundstrokes
  • Decent power
  • Works well for all types of players


  • Not the best for big servers
  • Hard to pick between variations of the Radical

What’s the Best Way to Pick the Right Head Racquet?

Any tennis player who’s serious about getting a perfect fit for them as a player should demo as many racquets as they can. This is not only just for Head racquets, but for other brands as well. It’s the only way to tell if the racquet is going to feel perfect when it’s in a player‘s hands.

Too many people gloss over such an important part of getting the right fit as a player. A racquet can seem perfect for one player, and then a bit of a troubling racquet for someone else. It’s a frustrating part of the racquet-buying process, but it’s worth it to get it right from the very beginning.

How Often Do Head Racquets Come Out?

Head releases at least a few new racquets every year. The changes can be very minimal at times, and players might enjoy past models instead. It’s perfect for those people who like them, because they can usually get those racquets at a discount.

It’s easy to get caught up in waiting and waiting for something new to come out. However, the consensus with tennis players is for people to go ahead and buy racquets when they feel it is necessary. Waiting around is going to cause more frustration than anything.

Are Head Racquets Worth the Price?

Head is one of the major tennis companies that has been in the racquet business for a long time. They have divided the racquets and put them in different families so that it is easier for consumers to pick out which one works for them.

All Head racquets are worth the investment. The most challenging thing is finding a racquet that works the best for each individual. Some players will fall in love with a certain racquet, while others will think it is terrible. Make the right investment and treat the racquet as one should, and it can last for a long time.