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7 Best Tennis Racquets For Seniors

When a person starts to get up there in age, the next step is to find an age-appropriate racquet. Every player is different, but most are looking for a little bit of free power as well as an arm-friendly option to avoid injuries.

Searching for the best tennis racquet for seniors? All seven of these options are worthy of a demo for players looking for something different.

Keep in mind that getting a new racquet might take a little time to sort it all out. However, even having somewhat of a starting point helps out tremendously.

1. ProKennex Ki Q+ 30

It can be argued that the ProKennex Ki Q+ 30 is the perfect combination of comfort and power out of a senior racquet. It is a great option for doubles play, but players still playing singles can use it to their advantage as well.

The racquet has an old-school feel to it, but with a much larger sweet spot to hit the ball freely with. It has an unstrung weight of just 260 grams, so it doesn’t feel like it is tough on the body to swing around.

ProKennex has fallen behind some of the other tennis brands out there, but there are still some loyal fans who stick with their racquets to this day. Give them a try, and chances are they will be a better stand-out feature than most could ever imagine.


  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent comfort
  • Feels like an older racquet but with more power


  • Hard to find in certain shops
  • Might be a little too oversized for some at

2. Head Radical Oversized

The Head Radical Oversized tennis racquet has been popular among intermediate and advanced players for its larger sweet spot and increased power potential.

Senior players still competing at a fairly high level might like adjusting to something like this since it can still feel like a performance racquet.

Many players have found success with this racquet, particularly in their serves and groundstrokes. Seniors still have a chance to hit with power, and the 107 square inch head size helps make a transition to this racquet pretty easy.

However, some reviewers have noted that the extra power can be difficult to control, especially for less experienced players.

This isn’t crazy high on the list because it’s for a more advanced type of player. Beginners or even intermediate players might feel like they can’t reach their full potential.

Overall, the Head Radical Oversized racquet is a great option for players looking to add some extra power to their game. It’s not too different from the main Radical line. This helps keep some people huge fans.


  • Capable of loads of controllable power
  • Feels like a performance racquet
  • Trusted setup built off previous releases


  • Too much of a traditional player’s racquet for some
  • Built mostly for more advanced senior players only

3. Prince O3 Legacy 110

Senior players love the Prince O3 Legacy 110 tennis racquet for its combination of power and control in a comfortable setup.

The oversized head size and O3 technology provide a larger sweet spot for added power, while the textured HM6 Carbon fiber provides increased control on every shot. 

Many senior players also appreciate the comfortable handle and vibration-dampening technology for reduced arm strain during long matches. Prince has always catered to the older crowd so they can enjoy tennis for a long time. 

Overall, the Prince O3 Legacy 110 is a top choice among older players looking for an edge on the court. It is better in doubles compared to singles, but players have transitioned to the setup.

If this Prince racquet doesn’t feel quite right, there are quite a few others in their lineup that work well for players looking to still play competitively.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Arm-friendly feel
  • Great for volleys


  • Not ideal for singles
  • Might be too overpowered

4. Head Graphene 360+ Speed PWR

One of the main advantages of the Head Graphene 360+ Speed PWR racquet for seniors is its lightweight design. This allows for easier maneuverability and less strain on the arm and shoulder.

Additionally, the powerful technology built into the racquet helps add stability and power to each shot. The oversized head also provides a larger sweet spot for more consistent shots.  

The Head Graphene 360+ Speed PWR is 115 square inches and only 9 ounces unstrung, which might seem like it’s not all that much for players trying to hit hard shots. However, with the right string setup, it can be altered a bit.

Overall, the Head Graphene 360+ Speed PWR is a great option for senior players looking to improve their game without sacrificing comfort and ease of use. Part of the Head Graphene 360+ Speed family, many find it pretty seamless to make the transition.


  • Built with power in mind
  • Very large sweetspot
  • Stable


  • Expensive
  • Hard to play with in singles

5. Yonex EZONE 105

The Yonex EZONE 105 is a great option for seniors due to its lightweight feel and larger sweet spot compared to the main models.

Its extra head light balance helps generate more power while also reducing strain on the arm. Some players instantly fall in love with this balance on a racquet and never look back.

The racquet’s isometric shape allows for a larger sweet spot, making it easier for players to make consistent contact with the ball. Additionally, the racquet’s vibration dampening technology ensures comfort during play.

Overall, the Yonex EZONE 105 offers a combination of power, control, and comfort that makes it an excellent choice for senior tennis players.

Since it’s only 105 square inches, it’s not that much different than some of the player models coming in at 98 and 100 square inches.


  • Some love the isometric head shape
  • 105 square inches feels more like a performance racquet
  • Head light


  • Smaller sweet spot compared to other racquets on this list
  • Might be too head light for some players

6. Wilson Clash 108

The Wilson 108 Clash offers a larger head size, providing more forgiveness on off-center hits. Its lightweight design and comfortable grip make it easy to maneuver on the court.

The racquet also features FORTYFIVE technology that helps stabilize shots for more control. In the first version of the racquet, FreeFlex worked great. This is a noticeable improvement on that.

Overall, these features make the Wilson 108 Clash a great option for senior players looking to improve their game in singles and doubles. Some professional tour players were a little hesitant to make the switch, but more casual players loved it.

When first released, the Clash was a revolutionary racquet for a lot of tennis players. The feel and control were unparalleled, but Wilson started implementing similar technology in all of their racquets to some degree. That’s why the Clash isn’t quite as popular as before, but still near the top of this list.

Customization options provide players with a chance to get their Clash looking exactly as they’d like. It’s a nice special feature that makes any racquet feel a little more personalized.


  • Excellent feel and response
  • Lightweight options available
  • Customization choices


  • Not as unique in the Wilson lineup any longer
  • Might not have enough power for some players

7. Wilson Ultra 108

The Wilson Ultra 108 racquet is a great option for intermediate to advanced senior players looking for power and spin. The 108 square inch head size provides a larger sweet spot, while the 18×20 string pattern offers excellent control.

Getting to benefit from both power and control makes it a great option for singles and doubles.

Another positive is that the lightweight frame allows for quick swings and maneuverability. This helps out a lot in doubles at the net to put away shots.

Overall, it’s impressive to see the performance of this racquet and how it doesn’t always feel like it’s completely oversized like typical senior racquets.

Players can even play a more modern type of game from the baseline and singles play and still feel like they aren’t being out-hit.


  • No glaring weakness
  • Easy access to power
  • Improved control


  • Might need weight added to it
  • Can get pushed around by advanced hard hitters

What Makes A Perfect Senior Tennis Racquet?

Everyone wants something slightly different out of a tennis racquet. A perfect senior tennis racquet should have a comfortable grip, stability and comfort throughout the frame, a larger sweet spot for more power, and a lightweight feel. It should also provide good control with some spin capability. 


A comfortable grip is essential for maintaining proper technique and avoiding hand strain during long matches.

Once the right grip size is found, it can be altered a little bit by adding an overgrip. Always go with a overgrip over the replacement grip, you can learn about the differences in this post.

When in doubt, go with a slightly smaller handle. It’s easier to build a handle up than to reduce the size.

Stability and Comfort

No senior tennis players wants an unstable and uncomfortable racquet in their hand. That’s why all the oversized options focus heavily on making them work well.

If a racquet is producing a ton of vibration shooting through the arm, it has a chance to lead to pretty serious problems down the road.

For added comfort, make sure to try a few different vibration dampeners. Changing the string type and tension also helps with comfort.

Sweet Spot

A larger sweet spot can also improve power and accuracy. In most cases, the bigger the head size, the larger the sweet spot.

It’s tough to transition from a smaller racquet to a bigger size at first, but most senior players adjust. A larger sweet spot means every ball doesn’t have to be hit perfectly to still go where it needs to.

Lightweight Frame

A lightweight yet durable frame allows for quick, agile movements. Senior players usually can’t take big swings like in the past, so a light option helps.

The typical senior frame falls somewhere between 260 and 280 grams. Anything heavier than that probably starts to wear a senior player down when using it.

On the other end, too light of a tennis racquet will get pushed around on the court when facing quality players.

Control and Spin

Good control and spin capabilities can also greatly impact a tennis player’s game at any level. Spin isn’t quite as important at the senior level, but control matters a ton.

With a senior-specific racquet, these features allow for better placement and variation of shots, making it more difficult for opponents to predict and react.

Apart from the racquet, the strings are just as important when it comes to generating spin, I listed the most spin-friendly strings in this post.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the perfect senior tennis racquet fits the individual player’s style and abilities. It is important to demo multiple options and consult with experts before making a decision. With the right equipment, players can take their game to the next level.

Choosing the right racquet can greatly enhance a player’s performance on the court. It is important to take time with different racquets and find one that suits a specific playing style and strengths.

That being said, certain features can make a racquet more appealing in general.