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9 Best Tennis Racquets For Spin (Ranked)

Every tennis player wants something different out of their racquet. Some hope for outstanding power, while others just want to add additional spin to their shots.

Players still need to provide spin on their own, but certain racquets do a better job of encouraging it than others. These are some of the best tennis racquets for spin out there right now for players looking to change up their setup.

Here are the 9 best tennis racquets for spin, ranked from no.9 all the way to the best of the best at no.1.

9. Yonex VCORE 98

Although it’s not super high on this list, plenty of players have loved this Yonex Racquet since it was released. The 98 in.² option gives play a little more of a sweet spot to mess around with for increased spin because of their unique head size.

Most tennis fans are well aware of Yonex and their unique head shape for their racquets. Love it or hate it, the isometric square head shape makes the sweet spot just a little bit bigger.

The Yonex VCore 98 is a solid racquet for experienced players looking for extra spin on their shots. The open string pattern and tight sweet spot allow for easy access to topspin, making it a great option for heavy hitters.

However, the dense frame may not be suitable for beginners or those with slower swings. Overall, the VCore 98 offers excellent spin potential and control for advanced players.


  • Easy spin potential
  • Powerful racquet
  • Customizable


  • Head size might feel too small
  • Takes a while to get used to

8. Volkl V-Feel 8

The Volkl V-Feel 8 comes in three different weights, which allows people to find the perfect setup to create spin on their own. The standard model at 300 grams is going to be a fast racquet for baseline play. Not only does it lack free power, but spin picks up with the right string setup.

Another great thing about this racquet is the V-Feel technology. It works well to provide an extra amount of feel on shots so that it is a bit more controlled overall. Players who don’t want to sacrifice the feel to get more spin will love this.

Most of the racquets on this list are 16×19, but Volkl shrinks it down to 16 x 18. It has a pretty open string pattern that should give players exactly what they need for spin.


  • Different weight options for a perfect fit
  • Open string pattern allows for more spin
  • V-Feel technology works


  • Volkl is a hard-to-find brand in some cases
  • Prone to broken strings

7. Prince Textreme Warrior

The Prince Textreme Warrior has been a solid option ever since it was released. Even in 2022, it’s one of the best for spin as long as players love a head-light setup.

As soon as anyone samples this racquet out of the court, they’ll start to notice that they can whip the ball around just about anywhere. It’s not going to be the best against heavy hitters, but those who are in the intermediate range and want extra spin will love the lightness.

Prince isn’t always known for offering outstanding spin-friendly racquets, but this one is very surprising for the very first time someone gives it a try. Try it out and see if it has the right level of consistency.


  • Very easy to maneuver
  • Head-light balance makes a whiplike racquet
  • Inexpensive


  • Not the best option for high-end players going up against hard hitters
  • Control is a bit of an issue

6. Prince Phantom 93P 14×18

The Prince Phantom 93P is a solid choice for players looking to add spin to their game. Its compact head size and weight make it easy to maneuver, allowing for precise placement of shots.

The string pattern also helps generate spin, making it a great option for topspin players. Very few racquets have a 14×18 string pattern.

However, this racquet may not be the best fit for those who prefer a power-based game as it lacks significant mass behind each shot. It also has a small head size, making it not the best for players who constantly shank balls off the ground already.

Overall, the Phantom 93P is a reliable choice for players looking to up their spin game, but it must be demoed first to have an idea of how it feels.


  • Powerful
  • Spin-Friendly
  • Classic Feel


  • Unconventional String Pattern
  • Feels a Little Too Old-Fashioned For Some

5. Head Boom Pro

Not that many people are familiar with the Head Boom Pro, which is a relatively new line of marketing for head racquets. It has a good amount of spend, power, and feel to it. It’s going to be on the heavy side, but that can create some pretty devastating spin when used the right way.

One of the big benefits of this racquet is that it has a very big sweet spot. This can allow players to hit angles and feel pretty comfortable against all types of players.

Now that it is becoming more and more popular, the Head Boom Pro should be on the demo list for most players. It scores well overall, but spin and power have to be at the top of the list.


  • Creates power and spin on all shots
  • Large sweetspot
  • Latest tech


  • Not in stock everywhere yet
  • Might be too heavy

4. Wilson Ultra

The newest release of the Wilson Ultra line is once again a solid option for players looking for a spin-friendly racquet. There are many different weights available in this line, but the 100 in.², 11.2-ounce option is the standard.

The beauty of the Ultra is that it’s very friendly for all types of play. Beginners can learn on this racquet and see their progression without having to make any changes. There are a few players on tour who use his racquet, or at least something very close to it.

A lot of players who have used both the Ultra and the Pure Aero from Babolat believe that this is the closest thing from Wilson to that’s a spin-friendly option.


  • Works for intermediate and advanced players
  • Well-rounded
  • Many different weights and head sizes are available


  • Doesn’t plow through shots all that well
  • Overshadowed by a few other Wilson racquets

3. Babolat Pure Drive

The Pure Drive isn’t as known for its spin as the Pure Aero from Babolat, but that doesn’t mean that it can provide some pretty good value as well. People who want a little bit more power, as well as spin, can get a mix of the best with this blue solution.

There are a lot of similarities between the Pure Aero and the Pure Drive. The head size is the same, they weigh pretty much the same, and they’re made by the same company. However, the balance is slightly different, the string pattern varies slightly, and it’s a little stiffer than the Pure Aero.

A spin-friendly string will make a difference with this racquet. At first touch, it might not seem like it’s the best of the best. However, it becomes a pretty popular option once a person plays around with it a bit. Make sure to try out the Pure Drive with the Pure Aero and see how it feels.


  • Excellent power
  • Spin potential
  • Firm feedback on all shots


  • A little too stiff for some 
  • Spin isn’t quite at the Pure Aero level

2. Babolat Pure Aero (2019)

Rafael Nadal has endorsed the Babolat Pure Aero for several years. Even if he doesn’t use the same one sold to the general public, these racquets are built for spin. Even players who don’t hit with a ton of topspin most of the time can generate more than usual with this racquet setup.

With this model, FSI Spin Technology is what sets it apart. What happens is that the spaces are spread out a little bit more between the strings. This gives the strings a chance to provide extra bite on the ball at all times.

Some players may find the standard option just a little bit too lightweight. While it’s easy to whip around and create topspin, the Tour model might be a little more stable. It’s really up to what feels most comfortable in a player‘s hands.

Babolat has earned the expectation of being the racquet company that creates spin potential for all types of players. The Pure Aero is the face of extra spin.


  • Best spin potential in tennis
  • Different variations depending on weight distribution
  • Excellent all-around racquet for different levels of players


  • Can feel too stiff to some
  • The spacing of the strings causes fast brakes

1. Babolat Pure Aero (2022)

The newest version of the Babolat Pure Aero provides plenty of spin potential for the average player. Since it just hit the shelves, not a lot of people have access to it just yet, but it’s an option worth exploring for anyone wanting the latest and greatest.

While innovative, Babolat has gone back a bit to make this racquet somewhat similar to the Aeropro Drive. This means that it’s a little bit more of a closed string pattern, while still keeping plenty of spin potential around. Players will notice a little bit more control to go along with their spin.

Bringing back some of the reasons why people fell in love with a racquet in the first place makes a lot of sense. They’ve already received outstanding reviews, and that’s likely to stay coming as more people get a chance to try it out.


  • Borrows some attributes of the Aeropro Drive
  • Added control
  • Power is strong


  • No discounts on new racquets
  • Availability is somewhat scarce

Why Spin Matters in the Modern Game

Tennis players are going to find ways to have success without hitting with some level of spin. Not only does it create devastating shots, but it helps with control to keep hard balls in.

Larger head sizes help out with spin potential overall. Another key component of hitting with spin comes with using the right string. More players these days gravitate towards polyester strings, and textured polyester strings at that. I listed the best tennis strings for spin in this post.

The benefit of textured polyester strings is that they are harder and more durable to take on some level of string movement. The strings will snap back on each shot, creating more bite. The texture allows the racquet to grip the ball a little bit better and put even more spin on everything.

There are still some players who hit a pretty flat ball, but some sort of spin is needed in today’s game. While not everyone needs a spin-friendly racquet, this helps.