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15 Best Tennis Songs of All Time

Tennis is a sport that invokes plenty of different emotions that can be stirred up when either watching or being on the court yourself.

Venting these feelings can often be best summed up through song, and today we are going to be looking at the best tennis songs of all time.

Ranging from upbeat hip-hop bangers to more relaxed tunes about isolation and struggle, let’s get straight into it!

Here are the 15 best tennis songs of all time.

15. Zero, Love – Belly 

A reflective look at how love can sometimes feel like playing tennis. The song is about how personal relationships go through good and bad periods but will always be fun over the course of time, just like a tennis match. 

14. Wii Tennis – Splash Daddy 

A song that perhaps doesn’t talk much about the actual sport of tennis in great detail, however, may invoke some funny memories about playing a virtual game of tennis on the Nintendo Wii in your childhood. A light-hearted song that the younger generation will find appealing. 

13. Tennis Ball – Malibu Max

One of the best songs for understanding how the sport of tennis can bring people together, ‘Tennis Ball’ looks at how the tennis ball is a unifying factor for so many people around the world.

Its electric tones also make it a good dance tune for before and after a match. 

12. Game, Set, and Match – The Herbaliser 

One of the only hip-hop songs about tennis, ‘Game, Set, and Match’ is a fast-paced track that documents how tennis can be an exhilarating game full of twists and turns.

The song is an intense one as it is supposed to resemble the feeling of an intense match, one for before you play. 

11. Wet Tennis – Sofi Tukker 

An energetic song about playing tennis in the rain that will make you want to get out on the court on even the most miserable of days.

Sometimes getting soaked and having a good match can be just the tonic when the weather is making you feel a little down; this song will get you out there in no time! 

10. He Whipped My Ass in Tennis – Pansy Division 

A very funny look at how tennis can be one of the most competitive aspects of a relationship.

The song talks about how one partner is beaten in a tennis match by his significant other and is then subjected to a particularly intense evening in the bedroom let’s say. Catchy and worth a listen. 

9. Tennis – Ediierre

Another one for your pre-match playlist, this song doesn’t feature any lyrics but does give a cool vibe that is supposed to match that of a tennis match.

These kinds of songs can be great for when you want to focus on the task ahead and not have lyrics bouncing around your head for days.  

8. Tennis Fan – Banoffee, Empress Of 

This is one of the most catchy songs on our list and will have you singing it for hours after you first give it a listen; perfect for a pre-match playlist that you want to pump you up for the match to come.

It also includes some funny snippets of the umpire directing fans to sit down. 

7. Tennis Elbow – Sky Sailing 

A song about how the pain of having tennis elbow can be the same as the pain felt when struggling to find love; the repetitive nature of each can be a tough challenge for those suffering from it.

The song is catchy though and is a good addition to a training playlist. 

6. Tennis Club – Talltale 

This is a song that was written for anyone who has made the mistake of joining a tennis club before they were really ready to.

Looking at the funny side of the struggle, the song pokes fun at people that aren’t very good but keep coming back nonetheless. We think that’s great.

5. Tennis – Chris Rea

You may be more familiar with Chris Rea’s Christmas song ‘Driving Home for Christmas’, but did you know he also had a hit tennis anthem too?

The song talks about the fun that can be had whilst playing tennis and how a bit of competition can be good for you. 

4. Tennis Gang – General Strike 

One of the best rap songs related to tennis, ‘Tennis Gang’ is a song that discusses how the friendships made whilst playing sports such as tennis can translate into everyday life.

Another great tune to add to your pre-match playlist – especially if you’re about to play a doubles match. 

3. Tennis – CASTLEBEAT 

This is a fast-paced song that resembles the style of bands like the Stone Roses thanks to its 90s vibe that makes you want to get up and dance before taking part in a match.

The song is all about tennis as a sport and the benefits that it can bring to those whose favorite sport it is.

2. Playing Tennis – Austin Prince

One of the best songs for making you want to get out there on the court, ‘Playing Tennis is a chilled-out tune that encourages you to motivate yourself when you’re feeling down.

The song is an ideal addition to the playlist of any player that doubts themselves before a match as it documents how simply playing as well as you is the most important factor of any sporting activity. 

1. Tennis Court – Lorde 

The best tennis-related song of all time was written and sung by Lorde. This song documents the isolationism that can be experienced in life, comparing it to the feelings that some tennis players have whilst out on the court by themselves.

The song also hints that the feeling can be positive for those that like to enjoy some alone time, which can be found on the tennis court. 

So, there we go! The 15 best tennis songs of all time, will you be adding of these bangers to your pre or post-match playlist for the next time you hit the court?