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Best Tennis Strings For Power

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Want to add something extra to your tennis game?

One of the most overlooked aspects of tennis equipment to improve your tennis are the actual tennis strings.

All too often, players think about changing racquets to add more power, spin or control, when in fact the strings can make a big difference too.

In October 2019, I snapped a string on my racket and had them replaced with a Luxilon Savage string which the local tennis pro recommended to me. Boy, what a difference it’s made to my game! It’s added a lot more spin and control and I can get more depth on my ground strokes too.

But I’ve always felt my game is more about spin and control than power, so for this article I thought I’d look at some of the best options if you want a bit more zip on your serve and more pop on your groundstrokes.

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What type of string is best for power?

Multifilament strings or natural gut strings are the best choices if you want more power on your shots. The downside of this is you’ll have slightly less control, and these string types are less durable so expect them to break more often.  

Therefore if you play regularly, having strings that snap quite a lot can be frustrating both in terms of the cost for buying new ones, and finding someone to restring your racquet for you.

tennis racket and ball

Pros of cons of playing with tennis strings designed for power


  • You’ll be able to hit your shots with more power and add more depth on your groundstrokes. Great for baseline players.
  • You’ll have less chance of picking up shoulder and arm injuries as you can generate more power with less effort
  • Great feel when you strike the ball (even better with natural gut)


  • Worse durability. The multifilament or natural gut composite means the strings will break more often. Make sure you buy in bulk!

What are the best tennis strings for power?

Here are 5 good options for you to consider:

Technifibre X-One Biphase Tennis String Set

If power is your thing, then this tennis string is a great option to consider.

It’s a multifilament string which will add some serious mph to your ground strokes and serves, along with some added feel. Furthermore, it should be a little easier on your body especially if you have a slow/medium swing speed.

However, if your game is fast paced and you take big swings at the ball, these strings will go soft and break quite often. Make sure you buy these strings in bulk if you decide they’re the right option for you.

Babolat VS Touch Thermogut

Unlike the Technibre, this Babolat string is made from natural gut, giving you even more power and comfort when you’re playing tennis. Many of the pros use this string (although they will have different string tensions, string thickness etc to suit their game).

Natural gut by its nature is one the least durable strings, but Babolat have done their research and added BT7 technology which means the string should last a bit longer. They’re not cheap, but if you’re using strings similar to what the pros are using then you’d expect to pay a premium for them.

Luxilon Natural Gut Tennis String Set

This is another option is made from natural gut. Durability is still an issue, especially if you’re playing regularly. You may find you need to replace the strings quite frequently. It’s also quite pricey for a tennis string, but you do get a lot of power.

Wilson NXT Multifilament 17 Tennis String

This is a great all rounder tennis string which will give you good power and control from the baseline, as well as lots of spin. For a multifilament string, the Wilson NXT offers a lot of versatility making it a great option for all sorts of players. It’s also designed for comfort so it’s a great choice if you have some arm issues and want to generate power without too much effort.

You still have the durability issues so be prepared to change the strings regularly to maintain their effectiveness.

Head Velocity MLT Tennis String

This is another multifilament option designed for both power and comfort. If you’re an intermediate to advanced player, this would be a great string to use. It’s also well priced, so you won’t have to spend a lot if you break a string, or if you just decide you racket needs restringing altogether.

What are the most popular tennis strings for power?

As you can see looking at the chart below both Technifibre and Wilson lead the way as the most popular tennis strings for players looking for a bit more zip in their shots.

Chart showing the most popular options for players looking for more power from tennis strings.


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