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6 Best Wilson Tennis Rackets

Wilson Sporting Goods is a mainstay in the tennis industry. They’ve been putting out several products, and most know them as one of the top tennis racket manufacturers.

What are the current top Wilson tennis rackets offered by the company? No matter what type of player is looking to step their game up, there is a racket available for all.

1. Wilson Blade 98

Whether someone goes with the 16×19 or the 18×20, the Wilson Blade 98 is a very solid racket. The company has looked to add some speed and stability to this newest release, while still keeping an outstanding feel and plenty of spin potential for all types of players.

Many have fallen in love with the new release for 2021, and it plays well for many different players.

First things first, it needs to be addressed that 98 in.² might not be enough for a beginner. It’s more of an intermediate to advanced player racquet, but there’s still nothing wrong with learning with slightly different head sizes. It still provides a pretty good sweet spot, and it’s rewarding when hitting the ball correctly.

The FortyFive technology replaces FeelFlex, adding even more stability to the mix. Players still get that comfort that Wilson is so known for these days, but added technology makes it all the better when hitting from all angles.

All things told, this is a racket that plays like a player wants it to play. There’s a good amount of speed, spin, precision, and overall feel that is readily available. When strung the right way, players can start to hit the ball out and do what they want with this racquet. You can check the current price on Amazon here.


  • Added spin potential
  • Improved feel
  • Solid swingweight for intermediate or advanced players


  • Head size might be too small for some
  • Takes time to get the right setup

2. Wilson Blade 104

As great as the Blade is, it’s not exactly perfect for those who want a big sweet spot. The 104 model is a lot better, and it provides plenty of free power so players can keep up with the competition.

If the 104 might seem like pretty big head size, it plays much like a performance racket. To help out, even more, the standard Blade 104 is .5 inches longer, adding some value to serving at a high level.

Since this is a new release, the Blade 104 uses a technology called FortyFive. It not only helps with stability, but provides the right type of bend to fit into how the modern game plays. Taking shots from all parts of the court becomes that much easier to handle.

With a brand new color and different ways to customize the racket after purchase, the Blade 104 is definitely worth it for those who want a bit more forgiveness with this head size.

There’s a lot of advantages to playing with a slightly bigger racket, and tennis players shouldn’t feel like they should never cross past that 100 in.² mark. There are plenty of ways to hit the ball fast and still have plenty of control with this new release. You can check the current price on Amazon here.


  • Bigger sweet spot
  • Stability is solid
  • Updated look and feel


  • Doesn’t have a ton of control compared to other experienced player models
  • Extra length can hurt some volleys

3. Wilson Pro Staff

Anyone who’s played tennis for a while knows all about the Pro Staff. It is a racket focused mostly on providing the best precision available from the company, as well as a good amount of feel. Players who can handle this type of racket will love the benefits it brings to the table.

The standard Pro Staff comes with a 97 in.² head size. It plays like a racket from the past, but with modern technology. It’s the weapon of choice for Roger Federer, but is it perfect for the average player?

Even though it weighs in at 11.7 ounces, it has pretty good maneuverability on all parts of the court. Wilson has messed around with the string mapping technology to create a denser spacing area in the place where people want to hit. This provides a more predictable response on every shot, and more control to keep balls in.

It’s user-friendly for the right types of players, but others probably won’t like this racket too much. It’s worth a try for the more advanced players, but intermediate tennis players should probably look elsewhere.

It’s going to stay as part of Wilson’s lineup for a long time, but it’s certainly for the particular type of player. You can check the current price on Amazon here.


  • Denser spacing in the main hitting area
  • Swings freely despite the extra weight
  • Great for serves


  • Head size might be too small for some
  • Not great for intermediate players and below

4. Wilson Clash

As a casual option that could be perfect for all levels of players, the Wilson Clash is hard to beat. It was first released a few years ago now, bringing technology never seen before in the industry. The standard Clash has a 100 in.² head size, and its comfort and flexibility make it a great option to pick up and start learning right away.

Wilson first used FreeFlex and StableSmart in this racket. It’s since been such a hit that other rackets have it now, but this will always be the first.

They have plenty of variations, but the standard option is meant to provide a very easy swingweight and outstanding acceleration. Even those who aren’t quite advanced yet can feel the difference with what it brings to the table.

Is it a perfect racket? Some feel like it could use a little more heft if they are playing at a high level. Others still feel like it’s a bit more advanced than they need if they are just starting right now.

It’s a great compromise in a lot of ways, but it might be lacking in a standout feature for some. Nevertheless, it’s one of the top rackets any person should try when they are sampling new options. You can check the current price on Amazon here.


  • Outstanding feel
  • Easy to accelerate
  • Above-average sweet spot


  • Does a lot of things well, but nothing great
  • Feels a little too lightweight for some advanced players

5. Wilson Ultra 100

There might not be a better racket from Wilson right now that is made specifically for the modern power game. The Ultra series plays a lot like many of the Babolat rackets out there, as well as the 100 in.² models from other companies as well.

It’s a bit stiffer than most of the performance rackets from Wilson, but it provides more power and explosion hitting the ball.

From the very beginning, players should sample the Ultra 100, which is the standard. It compares most to the Wilson Clash, but is a little bit more powerful and lively. Players should try to demo both of these if they are firm on wanting a 100 in.² racket.

Many pros use this racket, and it translates well to intermediate play as well. It’s a perfect racket to learn on when trying to take a game to another level. There’s plenty of access to pace and spin, which is great news for any type of player. You can check the current price on Amazon here.


  • Outstanding power
  • Great opportunities for spin
  • Large sweet spot


  • A bit too stiff for some players
  • Doesn’t seem to have as much technology behind it as the Clash

6. Wilson Burn

The final racket to make this list from Wilson is the Burn. It might not be as talked about as many of the other options from Wilson right now, but it is very comparable to the Ultra. The difference is mostly the price point, as it’s a bit of a takedown version that is affordable for players who are still in the intermediate phase.

The standard Wilson Burn is 100 in.², but it comes in many different weights for all types of players to get the feel they’re looking for. It has the potential for players to hit with a ton of speed and spin on all shots. Aggressive tennis players will find it to be perfect, as long as they are fine with a stiffer racket.

Like the Ultra and the Clash, getting a chance to try out all three of these options is likely the best way to go for anyone in search of a 100 in.² racket. They all play slightly differently, but are all geared towards performance players. You can check the current price on Amazon here.


  • Affordable
  • Many different weight options
  • Made for aggressive tennis


  • Feels a bit too stiff for some
  • No bigger head size options

Our Top Pick

  • Wilson Blade

Figuring out the definitive choice for a top racket from Wilson is always going to be a matter of personal preference. However, with the recent updates to the Blade family, it seems like the best overall option for all types of tennis players right now.

Just a year or two ago, the answer might have been the Clash. Now that they have incorporated a lot of technology with the Blade, there’s something for all types of players out there. No one has to settle, and having options with an 18×20 string pattern helps out as well.

There are even different lengths for players, going up to 28 inches so that players can get that extra bit of extension on different shots. It’s worth looking into and sampling as much as possible to get a feel for how they play.