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What Does It Cost To Resurface A Tennis Court?

hard tennis courts

Tennis courts require regular maintenance to ensure the surface is in tip top condition for playing matches.

However, how often you need to do this depends largely on how often you play and the surface you’re playing on. Grass courts require very regular maintenance in terms of watering and mowing the grass.

Hard courts, on the other hand, require little maintenance but they will need to be resurfaced every few years (and even more frequently if the tennis court is used on a daily basis, such as at a tennis club)

What is the cost of resurfacing a tennis court?

The average cost is between $4000 and $8000 for resurfacing hard courts with asphalt, concrete or acrylic.

Acrylic is slightly more durable than the other hard surface types and won’t need resurfacing quite as often.

The price will be at the higher end of this range if there are cracks on the court that need fixing, drainage issues that need mending, as well as other issues if the court hasn’t been that well maintained; hard tennis courts should be cleaned at least once a year to remove fungus and mould.

However, if it’s just repairing a few cracks, by either filling them in or fixing them, the cost is considerably lower.

What are some additional costs?


If the court does need to be thoroughly cleaned before resurfacing, this could add up to $1000 to the overall bill, so it definitely pays to look after it regularly to avoid this extra cost.

Surface Cushioning

As hard courts are generally harder on your body compared to playing on clay and grass, some people decide to add some surface cushioning when they decide to resurface the tennis court. This is done by adding some soft rubber particles which can make it easier on your joints, particularly your knees and hips.

However, expect this to push the total resurfacing cost to around the $8000 mark.

New colors and coatings

You can pay extra for premium colors as well if you have the budget. Tournament Purple or Orange are considered high end choices and these can add around $500 to the total cost.

Furthermore, you can add additional color coats to ensure the court lasts a bit longer, and some special coatings which can slightly change the speed of the court.

Using the court for other sports

Finally, if you’re an avid basketball or pickleball fan, when you’re resurfacing your tennis court you may wish to add additional lines for other sports. This can add some extra dollars to the overall cost too.

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Maintaining and building a tennis court is by no means a cheap endeavour.

You can certainly save a bit of money when you’re resurfacing if you keep the court in good condition in the prior years, and stay on top of any mould or fungus which can appear on the court (particularly in areas which are usually in the shade).

But be prepared to resurface it regularly if you want to have the right conditions when you play your tennis matches.