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Jack Draper’s Tennis Racquet

The British tennis star Jack Draper is one of the most promising next-generation players. With his powerful serve and accurate groundstrokes, he can beat any player on a good day.

But, what racquet does Draper use to compete at the ATP Tour? Let’s go through it!

Jack Draper plays with an old version of the Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 3.0, which is painted to look like the Dunlop FX 500. It’s still unknown what string setup he uses, but it seems to be the Dunlop Explosive Spin.

Jack Draper – Racquet Specs

Draper has endorsed quite a few different racquets considering his short career, but the racquet behind the paint job has always been the Dunlop Revo 3.0. It’s not the most popular racquet in the world, but one that suits Draper’s game perfectly.

Here are the specs of Draper’s paint job racquet and his actual racquet.

Draper’s RacquetDunlop FX 500
Head Size100 sq. in100 sq. in
Length27 in27 in
Weight (unstrung)10.6 oz / 300g10.6 oz / 300g
String Pattern16×1916×19

Can You Buy Jack Draper’s Racquet?

The version of the Dunlop Revo 3.0 that Jack Draper plays with is not produced anymore, which makes it hard to find these days. However, they are sometimes listed on prostocktennis and different tennis facebook groups.

However, the Dunlop FX 500, which is the racquet Jack Draper endorses (his paint job racquet) is available to buy (it’s one of Dunlop’s best-selling racquets). If you’re interested, you can check the current price on Amazon here.

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