Jenson Brooksby’s Tennis Racket

The future of American tennis is in Jenson Brooksby’s hands. With his unorthodox style of play, he is already a fan-favorite among the tennis community.

But, what racket does he use? That’s what we will go through in this blog post.

What racket does Jenson Brooksby use? Jenson Brooksby plays with a Wilson h22 pro stock racket, but endorses the Wilson Blade 98. Brooksby strings his racket with Luxilon Alu Power.

Specs – Jenson Brooksby’s Racket

According to this post, these are the specs that Jenson Brooksby currently plays with.

SpecsWilson H22
Head Size98 square inches
Length27 inches
Weight12.1 ounces
String Pattern18×20

As Brooksby hasn’t released his actual specs, these are only estimates based on what we found online.

Is Brooksby’s Racket Available To Buy?

Jenson Brooksby plays with a pro stock racket, which means that it’s custom-made and not available for fans to buy.

However, the racket that he endorses, the Wilson Blade 98 is available almost everywhere. It’s one of the most popular racquets at the recreational level. If you are interested, you can check the price on Amazon here.

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