Pros And Cons Of Polyester Tennis Strings

What are polyester tennis strings?

Polyester strings are one of the stiffer string types you can use in the game of tennis (nylon and natural gut are softer).

This string type is generally used by more advanced players.

What are the pros and cons of polyester tennis strings? Discover whether it's the right decision to improve your tennis game

There are various types of polyester string:

1) Traditional polyester – High stiffness, with great control on your shots


2) Textured or rough polyester – Excellent grip on the ball for extra spin


3) Shaped polyester – Also helps with grip and generating spin


4) Co-polyester – Better comfort and more elasticity


What are the pros of polyester strings?

  • They are very durable and tough
  • Provide excellent control for players who like the power game and long and fast tennis strokes.
  • Helps to generate more topspin, which can give you more margin for error over the net on your groundstrokes

What are the cons?

  • Quite stiff to use, which means it’s not really suitable if you get shoulder, wrist or elbow injuries.
  • Traditional polyester strings are not ideal for beginners, but suit intermediate/advanced players.
  • Other string types such as nylon and natural offer better feel, particularly in and around the net.

What type of player should use polyester strings?

This string type is ideal for players who like to rally a lot from the baseline.

Furthermore, if you take big, fast swings when you hit your ground strokes, you’ll love the extra spin you can generate.

This can help you play aggressively, and give you more control so you won’t hit the ball long so often. Your shots will dip inside the opponent’s baseline and keep them pinned back in the court.

So if your playing style is very much of the Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams mould, polyester strings will really enhance your game.

If you like to hit with a lot of spin, but don’t have a lot of power to your game, then you could consider a co-polyester, a shaped or a texture/rough polyester string. These are all a little softer, but still stiffer than nylon and natural gut.

You could even have a hybrid set-up by mixing polyester with a softer string type.

Check out this blog post if you want to discover the best strings for topspin and control

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