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15 Best Tennis YouTube Channels  

Throughout the years, Tennis has remained one of the most exciting, exhilarating sports that has given Tennis fans across the world moments to remember for a lifetime.  

Fans that have been supporting Tennis since the 1980s remember watching the likes of Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe battle it out at Wimbledon on an old, colored TV that held a certain novelty at the time.  

However, times have changed and since the dawn of the ‘social-media era’ platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have come to the forefront of how most people consume Tennis.  

So here are the 15 best Tennis YouTube channels you should keep an eye out for…  

1. Tennis TV  

It may not come to surprise many Tennis fans that the popular YouTube channel ‘Tennis TV’ is at the top of the list. 

Known around the world, it has been a long-standing backbone of the Tennis community on social media and has been endorsed by many professional Tennis players.  

The channel gives you everything you need if you’re a Tennis fanatic. The channel produces daily highlights of the most important ATP & WTA matches, ‘hot-shots’, interviews, and previews of upcoming Tennis matches.  

With over 1 Million YouTube subscribers, Tennis TV is a deserved winner at the top of this list. They’re a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything Tennis! 

2. Tennis Channel 

Coming in at a close second place we have ‘Tennis Channel’. This is the only 24-hour network strictly dedicated to the sport of Tennis.  

Creating content that discusses both sport and lifestyle it is one of the main Tennis channels on YouTube to go for the latest breaking news within the Tennis world, live Tennis scores, Tennis pop culture & entertainment, and exclusive interviews with the players themselves. 

‘Tennis Channel’ has been on YouTube for over 14 years and has amassed Millions of views during its time, making it one of the most popular channels for Tennis on the platform.  

3. Essential Tennis 

YouTube channel ‘Essential Tennis’ is arguably the best Tennis instruction channel on social media today.  

Here you can find countless, in-depth Tennis lessons and instructional videos to take your game to the next level! 

As well as analyzing the most accomplished professional players (such as Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer), the channel films practical, on-court lessons for even the most recreational of Tennis players to enjoy.  

‘Essential Tennis’ covers almost every facet of the game needed to improve your Tennis skills; from learning how to generate more topspin, hitting a bigger serve, or hitting a backhand like Stan Wawrinka, this channel has it all. 

4. Intuitive Tennis  

‘Intuitive Tennis’ has accumulated over 180 thousand avid subscribers over the channel’s four year lifespan. 

Run by Nikola Aracic, (A former top 40 college player with 25 years of Tennis coaching experience) this channel encompasses a diverse range of Tennis techniques in its entirety. You will also find many training and fitness drills that will help you with your overall Tennis performance on the court. 

Nikola has developed a way of teaching on his channel that helps all levels of Tennis players play with freedom and creativity without thinking too much about the burden of technique. 

The channel is frequent in its uploads and has new Tennis videos every single week (every Tuesday and Friday). Some of its most popular content shows you about the timing of a forehand in Tennis, how to utilize the different types of serve and how to master the one-handed backhand.

 5. Tennis Now 

The number 5 spot on this list goes to ‘Tennis Now’ for its array of information covering all things a Tennis fan needs to know about within the game. 

Unlike many other YouTube Tennis outlets, ‘Tennis Now’ offers live scores, Tennis blogs, player profiles, and the latest news concerning the players and upcoming Tennis tournaments. 

They have over 150 thousand subscribers and have amassed 10’s of Millions of views over 12 years. As well as covering the current goings-on in the Tennis world, you can find videos about past matches and past players to help you reminisce on the Tennis of old. 

6. Game To Love  

Even though ‘Game To Love’ has less subscribers than the channels mentioned above (only just over 40 thousand), the channel has something the others don’t…

Hosted by ‘JG’ and ‘Ben’, ‘Game To Love’ is currently the highest-ranked live Tennis podcast on YouTube. Covering the hottest games almost every single day, you can get stuck into the different viewpoints on a match-up and some potential tips for those placing bets on the sport.

The podcast has been seen by Millions of Tennis supporters and discusses a variety of topics within the Tennis world. The podcast includes heated debates about Tennis match-ups, tournament draw previews, and live match reactions/ commentary. 

7. Tennis Warehouse

‘Tennis Warehouse’ earns the number 7 spot on this list because of its array of information and in-depth detail about the latest and greatest Tennis equipment on the market today. 

It’s a channel based on helping Tennis players (whether professional or recreational) find the best gear to have that extra 1% on the Tennis court. Tennis Warehouse even has its online store where you can check out all the latest equipment that’s been discussed on the channel.

If you play Tennis, this has to be the YouTube channel to take a look at. Its main content includes reviews about Tennis rackets, shoes, bags, and Tennis strings. 

The channel even has its podcast that discusses the different uses of the equipment they review and how to use it to your advantage when playing on the court. 

8. WivoRN Productions

Not everyone wants to view heavy instructional videos that can sometimes be taxing on the brain after a sustained period, so if you want a Tennis YouTube channel that’s a little less heavy on the mind, this is the place to go! 

‘WivoRN Productions’ hasn’t been making Tennis-related YouTube videos for all that long (only since late 2010) but has gained over 150 thousand subscribers through the unique style of content they put out every week. 

On this channel, you’ll find everything about Tennis from old and new stories about controversies, upsets, and triumphs within the sport, Tennis news, commentary videos, and inspirational compilations of your favorite Tennis players. 

 9. Tennis Troll

Even though ‘Tennis Troll’ is fairly new to the scene and only has just over 10 thousand subscribers, there is a reason why this channel is in the top 15 best Tennis YouTube channels…

For recreational or low-level Tennis players, this is the place to be if you want to improve your game. Unlike most other channels that review professional games and analyze the pros, ‘Tennis Troll’ provides reviews and analyses of recreational Tennis players (from USTA 4.5 to USTA 5.0+). 

By reviewing the lower-level matches, the advice on offer is much more applicable and helpful to the everyday Tennis player that isn’t playing at the top levels of Tennis. Most Tennis instructional channels target a different audience but ‘Tennis Troll’ offers something that many low-level Tennis players can’t find on YouTube.

10. Top Tennis Training

Making the number 10 spot on this list is one of the most popular Tennis channels on YouTube ‘Top Tennis Training’. The channel has amassed over 300 thousand subscribers during its time and is the one of the ‘go-to’ outlets for Tennis instruction on YouTube.

This channel is dedicated to those higher up on the Tennis ladder who wish to take their game to the next level. The coaches featured on this channel include names such as David Ferrer, David Nalbandian, Sam Groth, and Tommy Robredo. 

One of the unique things about this channel is that the lessons are usually instructed by those that have reached and played at a considerable level within the professional game. This gives an insight that not many other channels could offer. 

11. Tennis Nerd

Tennis Nerd is a channel that covers a wide range of topics both on and off the court. Not only does the channel help you to improve your game with advice about equipment and techniques, but it discusses the latest gossip and news within the Tennis world. 

Its most popular content includes information about what some of the best Tennis players use (in terms of Tennis equipment), Tennis string & racket reviews, and videos on-court surrounding how certain pieces of equipment perform during a game. 

12. Top Speed Tennis

‘Top Speed Tennis’ has over 120 thousand subscribers and is one of the best Tennis channels on YouTube if you want quality tennis instruction. They review some of the game’s most famous names including Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic. 

The channel offers bundles of content on how to improve speed and power on the court. From showing you how to improve serving speed, demonstrating the importance of timing, and breaking down how to get that crushing forehand power you’re after. 

If you’re looking to up your game when it comes to speed, power, and technique on the court, ‘Top Speed Tennis’ is the YouTube channel for you. 

13. Fuzzy Yellow Balls

Even though ‘Fuzzy Yellow Balls’ is a channel dedicated to analyzing and improving your all round Tennis game, what makes this channel different is its use of the green screen. 

The greenscreen helps you to see the positions that Tennis players take up on the court, how the professional players use tactics and strategy to win points, and even allows you to see the nuances each player uses to their advantage. 

If you’re interested in learning about the inner workings of a Tennis match, the different methods players like Stefanos Tsitsipas and Iga Swiatek implement during a game and how to out-think your opponent, look no further than ‘Fuzzy Yellow Balls’.

14. Tennis Evolution

‘Tennis Evolution’ is hosted by former top 100 ATP singles and doubles player Jeff Salzenstein. As well as giving an insight into what goes into making it at the very highest level in Tennis, Jeff provides short 30-second to 1-minute clips of different tips and tricks to use on the court. 

The channel has over 100 thousand subscribers and some of its most popular content include videos such as, ‘How to hit a kick serve easily’, ‘Open stance versus a closed stance’, ‘How to get more power on a forehand’ and ‘The correct Tennis volley grip’. 

Being a Stanford all-American and a former top 100 player, Jeff has developed an understanding of the game not many others have. 

15. Sabinelisickifansss

Last but certainly not least, the Tennis channel ‘sabinelisickifansss’ has almost developed somewhat of a ‘die-hard’ following amongst the hardcore Tennis fans. 

Unlike some of the others mentioned in this list, the channel doesn’t necessarily help you to improve your game or help you with the best Tennis equipment to buy on the court. The channel can almost be seen as the Netflix of YouTube Tennis channels. 

If you’re a Tennis fan and are looking for some light entertainment surrounding all the controversies of the game, shocking moments, arguments on the court, and highlights of some of the greatest matches Tennis has produced, this channel is perfect for you. 

Here you’ll find light-hearted, entertaining videos discussing some of the most hated WTA players, the worst Tennis injuries, the funniest Tennis moments, and much, much more.