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5 Best Tennis Games On PS4 & PS5

Tennis video games have a long history over the decades. Pong was technically a tennis game, and developers have been coming up with more realistic options ever since.

The PS4 and PS5 have a few tennis games worth checking out. Developers don’t seem to be as dedicated to the sport as others out there, but there are still quality options for the gamer to consider.

The best part is that PS5 owners still have the chance to play PS4 games if they wish. These are the best five right now.

5. AO Tennis

Having AO Tennis and AO Tennis 2 on this list might confuse some people. It’s true that AO Tennis 2 is the newer, more refined game. However, AO Tennis still plays well and is available at a cheaper price. For those who want to save a little bit of extra money, it’s unnecessary to buy the absolute latest.

What’s worth it to some is that AO Tennis still has a lot of downloadable content that can bring everyone up to date. They might not have as many pros automatically included in the game, but it’s just a simple download to make it possible. The same can be said for just about any type of stadium a person could ask for.

The savings might be fairly minimal, but people who don’t know how much they will play might be perfectly fine with the older version. It opens up the opportunity to buy other video games with the money saved.


  • Significantly cheaper than AO Tennis 2
  • Downloadable content still available
  •  Realistic gameplay


  • Doubles and volleying need work
  • Graphics don’t look as sharp as AO Tennis 2

4. Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Can a video game for the Olympics actually provide outstanding tennis play? While it’s a bit limited, the gameplay shouldn’t be overlooked. Players wanting a mix of realism and arcade style will find Tokyo 2020 to be a perfect option.

Whether a player wants to go with singles or doubles, it’s easy to jump into a game and start playing right away. There are different levels of play so that everyone gets a challenge. Having the opportunity to play with friends locally adds another element to the game as well.

For anyone who gets bored of tennis, there’s also table tennis as a game to try. Anyone wanting to get rid of racquet sports altogether can play many of the other games from running sprints to wall climbing.

Only casual fans should look at this as a viable option. Tennis purists will think that is too much of an arcade game to play. Whether it’s over-the-top animations or the crazy outfits available, the game certainly looks different than the rest. It might just be the game that hits the spots for casual tennis fans.


  • Easy to play
  • Other sports games included
  • Singles and doubles play available


  • Feels a little arcade-like
  • No licensed pros

3. Matchpoint 

Matchpoint Tennis is the most recent release to make this list. Available on PS4 and PS5, this is another effort from an independent development team. Because of that, they are a little late on licensing with just 13 male players and five women. Despite a restricted budget, does Matchpoint deliver?

What people noticed right away is that this game plays pretty smoothly. Too many tennis games feel herky-jerky and unrealistic, but this one feels a lot smoother. This can be a good thing for the most part, but it also reduces some of the challenges since the computer assists with positioning quite a bit.

The lack of unforced errors takes away some of the realism of the game. It’s great for those who want to win, but a player has the chance to hit shots on the line in a matter of minutes. Once their career progresses, it’s very hard to ever lose a match even on the highest difficulty. 

With limited progression, online matchplay is the only real challenge left. There seems to be a solid amount of players online, which keeps this game popular.


  • The gameplay is smooth
  • Easy to learn
  • Multiplayer provides a solid challenge


  • No doubles
  • Lackluster career mode

2. Tennis World Tour II: Complete Edition

A lot of fans of the original Tennis World Tour video game were anxious to see what the team could do with the second version. It is much improved from the previous release, making it a well-rounded game that is a lot more realistic.

Everything in the game was touched up a little bit to make it a better option overall. That includes adding more players, making the graphics better, and improving the gameplay. It’s much better playing not only offline, but against others online.

The PS5 version looks a little more realistic, showing just a little bit of what those graphics can do. It’s still not a perfect game, but they are trending in the right direction as a development team aiming for realism.


  • Speed is very realistic
  • Surprisingly in-depth campaign mode
  • Added players to the roster


  • Some shots come off real unrealistic
  • Learning curve is a little high

1. AO Tennis 2

AO Tennis 2 is a slightly better version of the original AO Tennis, which is why it’s given a spot on his list. Not only does it look good on consoles, but they have licensing and customization to draw people in.

The Australian Open remains fully licensed on this game for people to have a bit more immersion than the other majors.

Since it’s developed by an Australian team, it should come as no surprise that they also have Ashleigh Barty as one of the cover athletes. She’s since retired from the sport, but is the most talented female in the video game.

To get the most out of AO Tennis 2, people need to take advantage of the downloadable options from the community. They allow for customization for not only players, but courts as well.

That means a person could recreate any tennis player in the history of the game and get them fairly accurate. If a person has the time and energy, they can re-develop a reasonable facsimile of their local court.

Some hoped that AO Tennis 2 would have more improvements compared to AO Tennis. If a person already owns AO Tennis, they might not feel it’s that worthy of an upgrade.

However, if deciding between the two right now, AO Tennis 2 is worth a little bit of extra money. it should last a little bit longer and feel like a more polished game.


  • Australian Open licensing
  • Plenty of community-based downloadable content
  • Speed of the game is very realistic


  • Loading times take forever
  • Volleying is unrealistic

What’s Next for Tennis Games?

Despite Games from the PS4 and PS5 being considered, there are still very few options. It seems like tennis video games have been put to the side a bit, and it might have to do with sales.

Big game companies aren’t putting in the money to produce a game that captures the attention of the masses.

Hopefully, at least one big developer gives tennis a try on the PS5. Fans are waiting to see what developers can do with all the capabilities of the PS5.

While there are some solid options to choose from between the two consoles, There’s still a way to go to catch up with other sports games.

The best tennis games on other consoles: