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4 Best VR Tennis Games 

Finding the time or the space to have a great game of tennis can be tricky, especially if few facilities are available nearby.

Until the emergence of Virtual Reality, unless you went looking for a tennis court, the best you could do was a 2D computer game, which, while fun, doesn’t really translate as well as we’d all hope. 

Luckily for us, VR is now at a point where we can remain in the comfort of our own living rooms and enjoy playing sports in an immersive, often very realistic environment.

Tennis can and does translate very well to VR; the movement, the physics of the tennis ball, and the excitement of online competition make a great VR tennis game something we’re all keen on. 

Today, we’re going to look at four of the best VR tennis games available; if you’re a tennis fan but don’t have the time, money, or space to play a set or two, then VR could be the answer.

Nothing ever replaces the real thing, but for the first time ever, there’s something that’s a close second. Switch on, goggles up, and let’s get going (no.4 is my favorite).

1. Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR 

  • Available on: Oculus Quest & Oculus Quest 2 

Okay, so the first title on our list, Racket Fury, may not be a full-blooded tennis game, but it’s an excellent introduction to VR racket games, and table tennis is loads of fun. If you’re looking for your first tennis-themed VR game, you could do a lot worse than this. 

Racket Fury has a great deal to recommend; the physics are excellent, the replayability is noticeable, and you can play either against an AI opponent or go multiplayer and test your skills and reaction times against players from all over the world. 

Another enjoyable aspect of Racket Fury is the choice between arcade mode and simulation mode; these options are hardly groundbreaking, but the arcade mode is excellent for dipping a toe into the water and having a fun game. 

The simulation mode really gets you focused, and you’ll need to be on your toes to master it, and it’s a great way to get your skills honed for when you go online and play against real players too.

Racket Fury is an excellent addition to your collection and one we heartily recommend; its graphics are crisp without being earth-shattering. 


  • A great introduction to VR racket sports.
  • Fun to play. 
  • Simple to learn. 
  • Addictive. 


  • Not the most challenging game against AI. 
  • It can be a little slow; more experienced players might find it underwhelming. 

2. All-In-One Sports VR 

  • Available on: Oculus Quest & Oculus Quest 2 

With 11 different sports to choose from, including tennis, the All-In-One Sports VR game brings hours of fun for everyone.

There are loads of customizations that you can play with before even picking up a racket, and you can have hours of fun creating your own characters to take into sporting battles. 

The VR tennis, like most of the 11 available games, looks very cartoon-like, yet it’s fun to play, easy to master, and is an ideal first tennis game for younger players.

As with many VR games involving sports, you’ll find yourself building up quite a sweat while playing tennis, so it’s a great way to keep fit in the comfort of your home. 

The ball physics are decent, as is the gameplay; it’s not a simulation, Sports VR is definitely the arcade version of tennis, but it’s all the better for it. You won’t become the next Williams or Nadal, but you’ll have loads of fun trying. 


  • Multiple sports to keep the whole family engaged. 
  • Tennis is great fun and easy to learn. 
  • Perfect as a first sports game. 
  • You’ll undoubtedly keep fit playing this game. 
  • Ideal for younger gamers. 


  • Too generic to be a tennis fan’s favorite. 
  • The difficulty level is low. 
  • The graphics look a little dated.

3. Cyber Tennis 

  • Available on: Oculus Quest & Oculus Quest 2 

Cyber Tennis is a game in progress, though the game you’re getting is already a very exciting tennis simulator with vast amounts of potential.

One of the biggest perks to Cyber Tennis is your ability to seriously tweak the settings, making adjustments to anything from your avatar’s height to ball mechanics. 

You’ll need to invest time into getting the setting to your liking, but Cyber Tennis is an excellent VR tennis game once you do.

The computer-controlled players can be taught how to play tennis more effectively, so you should spend time on boosting their ability, as you’ll find the game more challenging and rewarding. 

The stadiums you’ll be playing in are detailed and really add to the atmosphere, and there are an incredible 25,000 spectators available, so it’s always fun to feel like you’re a pro player being watched by huge crowds.

Your avatar can wear some fun clothes too, and you could be playing against anything from a pirate to a cyborg. 

The entire feel of Cyber Tennis is a mix between cyberpunk and Wimbledon, and if you invest the time, you’ll find a challenging yet addictive game. Cyber Tennis is still a work in progress, but regular updates mean issues are usually fixed quickly. 


  • Incredible customization level. 
  • Incredible stadiums with huge crowds really add to the atmosphere. 
  • AI-controlled players can be improved, making the game very replayable.
  • Great graphics and theme. 


  • Ball mechanics need a little work. 
  • You Can’t hit the ball hard from the serve. 
  • Updates are needed regularly. 

4. First Person Tennis: The Real Tennis Simulator

  • Available on: Oculus Quest & Oculus Quest 2 

By far the most impressive VR tennis simulator on the market, First Person Tennis is an in-depth, unique game with 13 tournament modes, including four slam and nine masters

tournaments. With seven different court surfaces, FPT has much more depth to it than most other VR tennis games. 

You can fully customize your character and then take that character through a global leaderboard as you try to take on the best VR tennis players on the planet. It’s as close to becoming a pro player as most people will get, and it’s incredibly addictive. 

Though small, one slight frustration is the options for movement around the court; you can teleport, run in place, and do a sliding run. We’ve never seen Rafa Nadal teleport from one side of the court to the other, so it’s slightly detrimental to the realism, but overall, First Person Tennis is an excellent game. 

A fun and strangely exciting addition are the crowds can also include actual VR players who happen to be nearby. That means other players who are also logged in could stand nearby, watching, judging, and learning from your play style. It’s a great touch to what’s already a very immersive and enjoyable game. 

With both an arcade mode for pick-up-and-play, and a simulation mode for those of us who just have to try and reach the top of the global leaderboard, there’s something for everyone, and you’ll find yourself coming back to this epic VR tennis game again and again. 

Tennis fans, tennis players, and all sports gamers seem to agree that Frist Person Tennis is the best, most competitively challenging VR tennis game ever made, and it’s hard to disagree with them. 


  • Incredibly addictive and immersive game
  • Crowds can include real people
  • Avatar customization makes you really get attached to the character
  • Global leaderboards can be addictive as you desperately want to move up
  • More tournaments than any other VR game
  • Different court surfaces add to the realism and ball mechanics 
  • Great community and competition online


  • Teleportation? Detracts from the game. 
  • Poor documentation and training; you’ll need to google a bit. 
  • Off-court detail could be better.

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