How To Make A Grass Tennis Court

To date, I’ve never played on a grass tennis court. I’ve also never played on a clay court either. All the matches I’ve played over the past few years have been on hard courts. However, given the choice, I would love to play a game or two on grass Firstly, for me, grass courts are … Read more

What Does It Cost To Resurface A Tennis Court?

Tennis courts require regular maintenance to ensure the surface is in tip top condition for playing matches. However, how often you need to do this depends largely on how often you play and the surface you’re playing on. Grass courts require very regular maintenance in terms of watering and mowing the grass. Hard courts, on … Read more

How To Build A Tennis Court

With the news in the last few days of a lockdown in the UK because of the virus outbreak, it means no more tennis for a while. In my local park, the playground is shut, the bowling green is shut and yes, the tennis courts are shut. For what it’s worth I think it has … Read more

Tennis Court vs Pickleball Court

Several years ago when I visited a friend in the US, he explained to me how he’d taken up pickleball. Now, this was a sport I’d never heard of, so I asked him to go into it in further detail. After I understood the concept, he invited me to play a game! I loved it. … Read more

Pros and Cons of Tennis Court Surfaces

To date, I’ve only ever played on hard courts. In the UK, this is the most common surface to play on, and for a small fee per year, I can play as many times as I like in my local area… …providing there’s a free court. It’s tremendous value really. However, I would love to … Read more

What Are Tennis Courts Made Of?

I usually manage to play tennis once a week on Saturday mornings. I’m lucky in that I have 8 courts about 5 minutes walk from my house. But they are all the same surface, the hard (macadam) courts. I’ve never tried playing on any other type of surface, so I was curious with this blog … Read more