How To Fold A High Chair

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When my wife and I purchased a high chair for Mia a few years ago, we wanted something we knew would last a long time.

We purchased a Cosatto Waffel Strudel (which I believe is no longer available) and this should last for several years until Mia reaches her teenage years.

However, it can also be folded up which has been handy on occasions when we’re having a tidy up in the kitchen, or cleaning the floor.  We also purchased it several months before we actually needed to use it, so it neatly folded up next to our fridge freezer.

To be honest, the folding option is something we didn’t really think a lot about when we were researching high chairs, as we planned to have it in a fixed place all the time.

Nevertheless, if you have a small kitchen, or if you’re expecting another child and want to use the same high chair which your first child has outgrown, then you need something which will fold up.

High chairs can be quite bulky things, especially with their wide bases.

Although all high chairs are different, let’s look at the process of how you fold them, as well as some more specific details about certain products.

How do you fold a high chair? In this blog post you'll discover how to fold some of the most popular high chairs by Graco, Chicco, Joovy, Cosco and Peg Perego

What should you do before folding a high chair?

High chairs get messy very quickly, so there are a few things you should do before you fold them to ensure they remain in a good condition.

Measure the space

High chairs can be quite heavy to move around, so ensure you know exactly where you want to store it before you actually fold it to a smaller size. Choose your space, measure the width, depth and height, and compare it with the folded dimensions of the high chair (you should be able to find this online or in the assembly instructions).

Now you know exactly where to securely and safely store your high chair!

Remove baby

Seems obvious doesn’t it? Don’t try to remove the tray, or start folding down the high chair with your baby sitting in it. It’s common sense for most people, but I bet there has been someone, somewhere at sometime who has attempted this…

…particularly if you’re in a rush.

Take away the tray

With your baby safely away from the high chair, you should remove the tray before you start folding the frame, if your high chair is designed this way (some models can be folded with the tray attached).

Trays usually click into place on both sides, so to remove them, you usually press down on both sides and slide the tray out. This can be a bit difficult at times, especially if bits of food get stuck in between the tray and the chair and you need a bit more force to get the tray out.

Give the tray a clean once it’s removed with a damp cloth, or put it in the dishwasher if it’s safe to do so.

Clean the high chair

To ensure your high chair is in a good condition, you need to clean it regularly.

If you’re in the process of folding it down to store somewhere, this is the perfect opportunity to do a quick wipe down, especially if the tray has been detached as you can clean in the harder to reach places. For most high chair models, the chair covers are machine washable, so remove them first.

Use warm soapy water to wipe down the frame and the chair and remove all those grubby food stains and god knows what else! Make sure you dry the high chair afterwards to stop any mold from growing anywhere.

baby bottle on high chair

Obviously all high chairs are different, but here’s how you can fold some of the more popular options by various manufacturers:

How to fold a Graco high chair

One of the biggest pluses with Graco is that you can fold and unfold most of their high chairs simply with just one hand! So if you’re in a rush and you have a baby in one arm, you can use the other one to operate the high chair.

Take a look at how easy the Graco Swift Fold Highchair can be assembled and folded.

Here’s the process for folding it:

  1. Stand behind the high chair.
  2. Place your foot behind the back of the chair on the floor (Keep it there during the whole process)
  3. Find the horizontal handle bar behind the seat.
  4. Lift it up and watch as the tray collapses
  5. Gently push the handle bar downwards towards the floor, in line with the front legs.
  6. Pull the handle bar towards you and the front legs will move towards the back legs.
  7. Place the folded high chair in a safe location.

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How to fold a Cosco high chair

One of the most popular folding high chairs at the cheaper end of the market is the Cosco Simple Fold High Chair. Unlike the Graco Swift, this high chair requires 2 hands to fold:

Here’s the process:

  1. Stand behind the high chair
  2. Place your foot on the back of the chair to hold everything in place.
  3. Find the 2 levers located at the back of the seat on each side (just under the armrests)
  4. Pull up both levers at the same time (you’ll hear a little click)
  5. Lift the high chair and you’ll feel it collapsing by itself.
  6. Pull the back of the chair upwards and push the seat downwards (like you’re folding the chair in half)
  7. Store the chair in safe location.

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How to fold a Peg Perego high chair

One of the more popular high chairs by Peg Perego is their Siesta model. It also reclines, which allows you to use it from an earlier age.

Here’s a video showing how to fold it:

And here are some step by step instructions on how to fold it:

  1. Lift the tray so it’s in a vertical position parallel to the back of the high chair.
  2. Stand behind the high chair.
  3. Push up on the 2 switches on the sides of the high chair (at the back, underneath the arm rests)
  4. The whole high chair will collapse and slide downwards towards the floor.
  5. With your foot, push the back legs towards the rest of the high chair.
  6. Store in a safe location.

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How to fold a Joovy high chair

The Joovy Nook is the most popular model by this manufacturer. Here’s a video demonstrating how to fold it:

  1. Slide the secondary lock on top of the high chair
  2. Lift the folding mechanism underneath the secondary lock.
  3. Push the seat down from behind.
  4. Grab the handle and carry it to your storage location

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How to fold a Chicco high chair

Chances are if you’re thinking of buying a Chicco high chair, you’ve come across the Polly2Start which is a popular choice among parents. Like the Peg Perego, it also reclines which is handy for smaller babies.

Here’s how to fold the high chair:

  1. Push down on the 2 buttons about half way down the high chair (just behind the front legs)
  2. The seat will slide down towards the bottom.
  3. Fold down the arm rests.
  4. Push up on the buttons at the top of the high chair (on the underside of the circle shape where the front and rear legs meet)
  5. With your foot, push the back legs towards the rest of the high chair.
  6. Store safely in a secure location.

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Chart – Most popular brands of folding high chairs

In this chart you can see some of the more popular brands of high chairs, based on online searches, all of which have high chairs which can fold (along with many other features.)

Chart showing the most popular high chair manufacturers based on online monthly searches (including Peg Perego, Chicco, Joovy, Graco and Cosco)

What is the best folding high chair?

In terms of which is the easiest to fold, I think the Graco Swift wins.

Not only can you fold it with one hand, which is very useful if you are trying to multitask and have a baby in one arm, it’s also very straightforward and easy to store away quickly.

The Peg Perego Siesta is also a good second choice in terms of its folding design, but you have to use two hands.

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