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Hubert Hurkacz’s Tennis Racquet (2024 Season)

Hubert Hurkacz doesn’t look like the most athletic tennis player, but he is! His biggest weapon is the serve and forehand, however, his backhand is probably the worst on the ATP Tour.

Many tennis fans are curious about the racquet setup Hurkacz uses, which we will delve into in this post.

Hubert Hurkacz currently plays with the Yonex VCORE Pro 97. He strings the racquet with Solinco Tour Bite (1.25) and Babolat VS Touch (1.3 @22.5 kg). Hurkacz has used this racquet setup since 2019.

Hurkacz uses an older version of the Yonex VCORE Pro 97, most likely the 2019 version (it could be 2018 as well). However, he endorses the newest version, but it’s only a paint job.

Until 2019, Hurkacz was sponsored by Head and used to play with the Head Prestige. But since 2019, he’s only used the Yonex VCORE Pro 97.

Yonex or Hurkacz haven’t released his specs yet, but it’s a 16×19 string pattern, and with his effortless power, it must be a pretty heavy racquet, at least 340g.

While Hurkacz likes to stick with what’s working, he’s experimented with a lot of different string setups. In 2019 – early 2021, he used Yonex Polytour Strike in the mains and Yonex Rexis in the crosses. However, after a bad period in 2021, he switched the string setup to Solinco Tour Bite (1.25) and Babolat VS Touch (1.3 @22.5kg).

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