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Brandon Nakashima’s Tennis Racquet (2024 Season)

The promising American tennis player Brandon Nakashima is one of the few players with a backhand that is superior to the forehand. I think he’s too slow to become a top 10 player in the future, but maybe top 20?

Many fans are curious about the racquet Nakashima plays with. That’s what we will delve into in this post.

Brandon Nakashima currently plays with the Yonex EZONE 98. He strings the racquet with a combination of Yonex Polytour Pro and Yonex Polytour Strike. Nakashima used to play with the Babolat Pure Strike 98.

Nakashima made the switch to Yonex in March 2023. He used to be sponsored by Babolat and has played with the Babolat Pure Strike 98 since his junior days.

The young American isn’t the only player using the Yonex EZONE 98, it’s the 5th most popular racquet on the ATP Tour. Apart from Nakashima, players like Nick Kyrgios, Casper Ruud, and Ben Shelton also play with the Yonex EZONE (Ruud uses the 100 version).

His specs are still unknown, but hopefully, they’ll reveal what specs he uses soon.

Brandon Nakashima’s Old Racquet

Nakashima has always been a fan of the Babolat Pure Strike 98 and played with it for at least 5 years. While he doesn’t use the racquet anymore, it can still be interesting to see what he was rocking with before he made the switch to Yonex.

His string setup was a combination of Babolat Natural Gut and Babolat RPM Blast Hybrid.

The Babolat Pure Strike isn’t as popular at the pro level as the other Babolat models (Pure Aero and Pure Drive), but the US Open winner Dominic Thiem has played with this racquet for many years.