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Marcos Giron’s Racquet Setup

An accomplished junior player with a sterling record at the NCAA level for UCLA, Marcos Giron has been enjoying some great success on the ATP tour the past year.

He’s reached a career-high of world number 49 and reached his first final at tour level in San Diego. The 29-year-old employs a flat and effective forehand in tandem with excellent movement and vicious fight as he counterpunches his way around the court.

Let’s take a look at the racquet he uses to do this!

  • Endorsed racquet: Yonex Vcore 95 2021
  • Actual racquet: Yonex Vcore 95 2018
  • String Setup: Natural Gut mains at 61 pounds and Pro Stringer Blue Steel crosses at 63 pounds 

Giron is sponsored by Yonex and endorses their VCore line, specifically the Vcore 95. Back in 2020, he interviewed with the Tennis Warehouse play testing team and divulged his racquet specifications.

At that point in time, he was using the 2018 Vcore 95 mold, and it stands to reason that he is still using the same racquet under the 2021 paint scheme. Unlike other VCore players Shapovalov and Nishioka, Giron has not been transitioned to a blackout graphic in preparation for the 2023 VCore release. 

Nadal can do anything that he wants on the court: Marcos Giron – ThePrint –  ANIFeed

Marcos’ strung specs are as follows: 340g, 31.8 cm balance, and 326 swingweight. This is a light, maneuverable racquet, especially in its small 95 head size.

I would have thought he’d put a little more weight on the hoop but apart from a small amount of lead to match swingweight, he doesn’t appear to. 

String Setup

Marcos uses a string that I’ve seen no other professional use: Pro Stringer Blue Steel. He utilizes this string as a cross to Natural gut mains. Reportedly, he is good friends with the owner of the Pro Stringer brand and as such uses their flagship string!

At the 2022 Atlanta ATP event, he was stringing at 61 pounds for the gut mains and 63 pounds for his poly cross. That’s super high even for somebody hitting the ball as flat as he does, though the softness of the gut helps with power and comfort at this high tension. 

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Considering all of this, it seems that Marcos is using a racquet that suits his game well. As a player who mainly counterpunches, he requires control and accuracy above all else, and his racquet reflects that.

Its headlight balance, small head size, high string tension, and even the 16×20 string pattern all scream “CONTROL.” It’s a pattern we often see: pro players choosing racquets that magnify their strengths. Marcos Giron is no exception.

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