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Roberto Bautista Agut’s Racquet Setup

Known as one of the hardest workers and toughest outs on tour, Roberto Bautista Agut is as professional as they come on the court.

The Spaniard has been ranked as high as number nine in the world and has eleven ATP titles to his name. He perennially finishes in the top 30 and has reached the round of sixteen or better at all of the majors, including a semifinal at Wimbledon in 2019.

He has also contributed to Spain’s Davis Cup win in 2019 and is always a difficult opponent due to his persistent counterpunching gamestyle.

Let’s take a look at his equipment!

  • Endorsed Racquet: Wilson Pro Staff 97 (check price here)
  • Actual Racquet: Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 18×20
  • Strings: Luxilon 4G 130 at 22 kilos 

Which Wilson is it?

Roberto has been sponsored by Wilson for what appears to be his entire professional career, always sporting Pro Staff paintjobs.

What’s under the paint is a Pro Staff racquet that has largely been discontinued, save the “Pro Labs” version available only direct to the consumer from Wilson in select countries. 

Roberto Bautista Agut and David Goffin reach Open Sud final - NBC Sports
  • We can clearly see the rounded, oval beam shape and PWS system spanning 4 strings on Roberto’s racquet, identifying it as a Pro Staff 6.1 95 in 18×20 pattern.

Roberto’s been using the 6.1 95 racquet in 18×20 string pattern for some time. Which layup he is using specifically is unknown, but Wilson did not change this too much from model to model.

The Pro Staff 6.1 line has always been known for providing some of the best control, stability, and precision on the market for advanced players.

Considering Bautista’s counterpunching and grinding game style, it’s no surprise he would gravitate to a racquet that allowed him to place the ball accurately from all spots in the court rather than something like a Pure Drive that allows him to bust through opponents. This simply fits his game well. 


An old eBay listing for Bautista Agut’s personal racquets listed the specs as:

  • Strung mass: 355g
  • Strung balance: 32 cm
  • Strung swingweight: 355

This is a very powerful and stable racquet. Combine the mass with the dense string pattern and control-oriented beam, and Roberto can counterpunch to his heart’s content.

The 6.1 95 is already known for being a beast that provides advanced players all the control and stability they need, and these specs take it up another notch.

Bautista Agut’s racquets are also extended about half an inch according to the listing and other sources. 


A reputable pro tour stringer reported that Roberto strings his pro staff up with Luxilon 4G 130 at 22 kilos (~49 pounds).

This thick polyester string is geared toward providing the ultimate control experience and further shows us exactly what Bautista Agut is seeking from his racquet: command over the ball. 


Roberto Bautista Agut uses a racquet and string setup that provides him as much control as possible at the pro level.

His thick polyester strings combined with the precision-oriented heritage of the Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 allow him to place the ball wherever he needs as he counterpunches his way through countless opponents.

Yet another example of a pro player setting up his equipment to perfectly fit his game!

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