Physical Benefits Of Playing Tennis

My only regret about playing tennis is that I didn’t take up the sport more seriously at a younger age. As I approach 40 (still a year or so to go…gulp!), and having played for the past 3 years, I’m pleased that my game is steadily improving. Furthermore, I’ve noticed some of the physical benefits … Read more

5 Mental Benefits Of Tennis

As any parent will know, raising a child certainly has its ups and downs. My weekly schedule is full on to the say the least, having to work around the availability of 3 childminders, my work and my wife’s work. Everything needs to run like clockwork otherwise everything collapses like a pack of cards! So … Read more

4 Social Benefits Of Playing Tennis

I always look forward to my weekly tennis matches on Saturday mornings. But it’s not just the tennis I enjoy. It’s the social aspect too. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife and daughter more than anything, but it’s just nice to have a couple of hours to myself once a week when I … Read more