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What Tennis Strings Do the Pros Use?

It’s always interesting to look at what the pro players string setup, while it’s not always a good idea to completely copy it, it helps to know what strings that are the top of the market right now.

I initially though that most ATP players had really advanced set up, which helps to optimize their game, but after a little research it was interesting to find out what some of the top players are currently using.

Here’s what tennis strings the best players in the world currently uses:

Roger Federer’s Tennis String

Roger Federer uses the Wilson Champions Choice tennis string, which are natural-gut strings that offer top-notch surgical precision while playing.

Indeed, strings made out of polyester and natural gut offer advantages that include great playability and a lot of comfort on the court, among others.

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The Wilson Champions Choice strings provide more comfort while playing and they can even relieve that sore arm or shoulder you’ve been dealing with for a while. Less pain means more playing time and these strings are good for many hours of doing just that. You can put the ball where you want it and get a nice pop whenever the ball is struck.

With natural gut/polyester tennis strings, you also get a great response, more comfort for your elbow, and just the right amount of spin to keep things going well. Between the power, durability, and comfort they provide, these tennis strings are just what you need if you play two or three times a week because they are built for both comfort and longevity.

The only slightly negative quality of these strings is the fact that with some players, the natural gut’s increased power may provide a little less control than what they’re used to but that can be overcome with a little more practice.

Rafael Nadal’s Tennis String

Rafa uses the Luxilon Big Banger Original tennis racket strings, which are made of polyester and offer great control and durability.

If you want your balls to reach the court instead of the back fence, the Luxilon Big Banger Original strings are for you. These are firm, round strings that got their start in the ‘80s but are still going strong today.

Very playable and comfortable, the Luxilon Big Banger Original strings are meant to be strung with 10% to 15% less tension than standard strings. Once you do this, the strings offer the comfort and control that all tennis players look for.

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The strings have great power and spin and they don’t break very often. If you string them too tight, however, you will undoubtedly have problems with your elbow and shoulder so you have to make sure that they’re strung correctly.

In addition, these strings offer great spin and top-notch overall power. They are made to last for a very long time and are great for baseline players. They also provide a great feel and better power distribution, making them strings that you’ll use for a very long time.

Novak Djokovic’s Tennis String

Novak Djokovic uses the Luxilon Alu Power 16L tennis strings, which are some of the most popular polyester strings on the market today. According to this site, Luxilon Alu Power is the most popular tennis string among pro players.

You can get them in two colors — silver and blue ice — and they feature a combination polyester/aluminum design that is unbeatable in many areas. They are great strings for players of most experience levels, although they are usually not recommended for beginners.

The Luxilon Alu Power 16L tennis strings provide durability with great power and control. One of their biggest advantages is that even intermediate players can use them with great results. If you play regularly with a lot of spin, you can still keep these strings for a while and they provide the same power as some strings that are a lot more expensive.

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For a round polyester string, this brand has great spin potential, although it may not offer the same spin as some other brands do.

Still, the strings are very durable and extremely comfortable, which is why reviews of different tennis strings almost always give these strings very high marks, usually an 8 out of 10. This is a great set of strings that has a reputation it definitely deserves!

Serena Williams’ Tennis String

The Wilson Natural Gut 16 string is the one used by Serena Williams and, thanks to the tweaks that Wilson has made, this string now offers a slightly firmer feel, amazing comfort, and perfect responsiveness and consistency.

If you’re looking for something to add to your hybrid, these are a perfect choice as well.

The Wilson 16 tennis strings have also been endorsed and used by some of the tennis world’s biggest names, including Madison Keys and Kei Nishikori.

The string tension is well maintained when using this brand of strings and they offer easier power than many synthetic strings on the market.

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Natural gut strings are preferred by many semi-professional and pro tennis players and these strings’ natural gut material and all-natural color make them a set of strings that provides great playability and reliability, not to mention a very attractive look.

If you want something both dependable and comfortable, this is the set of strings that you want.

Ashleigh Barty’s Tennis String

Ashleigh Barty uses the Head Hawk Touch 17 strings made of co-polyester and colored in anthracite. These are very similar to the original Hawk strings except that they are made a little softer.

Thanks to updated technology, these strings offer an inner core that is pliable along with a firm outer shell, making them the perfect strings for tennis players of many different experience levels.

The strings are firm enough to provide exceptional control while at the same time delivering a muteness that will reduce even the harshest vibrations.

If you are an intermediate or advanced player whose goal is to enjoy an accurate and very precise response when the speed of your stroke goes up, these are the strings for you.

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Alexander Zverev is another professional tennis player who uses the Head Hawk Touch 17 strings, in part because of the technological advances that enable the strings to offer a great touch, the maximum amount of control, and a great way for power-hitters to show off their skills a little.

Users also notice better spin rates and a lot more comfort on the court.

These strings also get consistently high ratings by many of the organizations that keep track of tennis string capabilities.

They are less intense than other tennis strings and provide a high-quality, reliable product that you can depend on every time you get out on the court; plus, their cost is a lot lower than many people think.


Which are the most popular tennis string brands?

This chart shows the most popular tennis string brands by monthly search volume.

Chart showing the most popular tennis string brands based on search volume

Digging down into the data, the figures are actually surprisingly quite low. However, they are higher for actual tennis string products.

For example, the Luxilon Alu Power Rough gets about 1,300 searches per month

What Tennis String Tension Do The Pros Use?

This is a hard question to answer as it varies a great deal.

For example, in the Monte-Carlo Masters 2018, Mikael Kukushkin used just 13.5kg, where as Simone Bollelli used double that, around 27-28 kg.

So not only is the string choice and racket type unique to each professional player, their choice of tension is also an individual choice.


Although reaching the dizzy heights of professional tennis is beyond most of us mere mortals, it is interesting to see what strings and tennis rackets some of the pro players are using.

Of course there are other elements too, such as the string gauge and tension, and the grip.

However, I think it’s important to chat with your tennis coach and see what string is right for you. It’s great to see what the pros are using, but that’s just it, they’re professional athletes in peak physical condition.

If I tried Roger Federer’s racket and string set up, my arm would tire very quickly and I’d pick up an injury very quickly!

So take your time and choose the right string for you.