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7 Best Polyester Tennis Strings

As a tennis player, you want the best strings to give you an advantage in a match. The benefits of good strings are always in the results. If you are a heavy hitter and prefer polyester over nylon, this list is for you.

Here are the 7 best polyester tennis strings.

1. Head Hawk Strings

  • Gauges – 16/1.30mm – 17/1.25mm – 18/1.20mm
  • Length – 40ft
  • Composition – Copolyester monofilament
  • Colors – Silver / White / Black

If you’re a heavy hitter who likes to add a heavy topspin on the ball, these are a great choice. The Hawk strings are a co-poly material and a low-powered firm monofilament. The strings are firm to give added control.

The Hawk strings provide an excellent topspin and were created with touring Pro players in mind. Big hitters love these strings because they support significant attacks on the ball. The strings are comfortable yet stiff without harshness.

The Hawk strings are dependable for any advanced or Pro player that likes to shape the shot’s trajectory. Although it lacks a bit in the grip department, it remains a predictable string.


  • Predictable strings for a better tactic
  • Durable
  • Great topspin
  • Extra ball control


  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Underpowered unless you’re a Pro

2. Gosen Polylon Series Sidewinder Strings

  • Gauges – 16/1.30mm – 17/1.22mm
  • Length – 40ft
  • Composition – High-tech co-polyester monofilament – twisted at extrusion
  • Colors – Orange/Yellow/Black

The best mid-budget strings available in the polyester family. The Gosen Polylon Series Sidewinder strings are reliable and predictable providing great topspin potential. The Sidewinder strings are low-powered and predictable, helping big hitters to attack the ball at upward angles.

The Gosen Polylon Series Sidewinder strings can be considered old-fashioned polyester with a twist. The new geometric design of the strings gives added control of the ball at high swing speeds. The strings are firm and best for more advanced players.


  • High durability
  • Great value for money
  • Great topspin potential
  • Pure polyester – no added chemicals
  • Extra ball control


  • Too firm for beginners
  • It may be underpowered for novice players

3. Topspin Cyber Flash Strings

  • Gauges – 16/1.30mm – 17/1.25mm – 17L/1.20mm
  • Length – 39ft
  • Composition – Co-polyester monofilament
  • Colors – Grey

Although the Topspin Cyber Flash strings have low stiffness, it has excellent responsiveness and a high control level.

This budget-friendly polyester string is a great choice if you tend to break strings with your big hits. The Cyber Flash string is responsive and adds comfortable control.

Cyber Flash strings are a monofilament polyester but are much more pliable and durable than expected. This proves to be an advantage if you like to play touch volleys. Big hitters will feel comfortable with this responsive string.


  • Great sense of touch for a polyester string
  • Extra control for big hitters
  • Extra long durability


  • Too firm for beginners
  • It may be underpowered for beginners

4. Prince Diablo Prism Strings

  • Gauges – 16/1.30mm – 17/1.25mm
  • Length – 21 ft
  • Composition – Copolymer, polyester monofilament
  • Colors – Yellow/Red and Green/Blue combinations

The Prince Diablo Prism strings should be one of the top choices for a polyester string. However, it is still relatively overshadowed by the unmatched synthetic Prince range. They have a low friction surface which gives you more spin on a return shot.

Technically, the Diablo Prism has all the right stuff, like low friction for some extra snapback, playability, durability, and extra spin. The fantastic cosmetics in this co-poly monofilament are possibly one of the best strings designed to date.

The Diablo Prism is not short on delivering ball control where needed. The trajectory response is ultra-predictable and great for heavy hitters and powerful attacks.


  • Low surface friction
  • Extra ball control
  • Extra spin
  • High durability
  • Reasonable price


  • Moderately difficult to knot
  • It may be too firm for beginners
  • Low-powered strings may be difficult for beginners.

5. Volkl Cyclone Strings

  • Gauges – 16/1.30mm – 17/1.25 mm – 18/1.20mm – 19/1.10mm
  • Length – 40 ft
  • Composition – Co-polymer, polyester monofilament
  • Colors – Black /Orange / Yellow

The Volkl Cyclone strings are a top choice for strong, powerful players who want a set of no-nonsense strings. You could say the Cyclone strings are out of the box, ready to play, and they deliver. The strings have a great feel and are play-friendly.

The Cyclone strings offer more advanced players a great deal of control, grip, power, and good shock absorption. The Cyclone strings are a co-poly composition and may not be suitable for beginners or less advanced tennis players.

Players with a fast, strong stroke will benefit greatly when using the Cyclone strings for daily practice or in a match, as the Cyclone strings promise a crisp delivery and great spin.


  • Extra ball spin
  • Crisp delivery
  • Extra control
  • Great playability
  • Ready to play without too many adjustments
  • Durable
  • Exceptional value for money


  • It may be too firm for beginners or intermediate players
  • Underpowered for novice players

6. Babolat RPM Rough Strings

  • Gauges – 15L/1.35mm – 16/1.30mm – 17/1.25mm
  • Length – 40ft/12m
  • Composition – Copolyester monofilament
  • Colors – Red/Black/Yellow

The recently renamed Babolat RPM Blast strings, now known as the Babolat RPM Rough strings, have proven to be the most popular polyester strings on the market.

What sets the RPM Rough apart from other polyester strings is its octagonal shape and silicone coating that’s cross-linked around the string.

As the name suggests, the RPM Rough strings are perfect for big hitters and aggressive attackers that need a string to back them up. The RPM Rough strings are improved from the Blast strings giving players a softer feel and excellent surface grip.

The RPM Rough strings add massive spin and have high durability. This is great for the power stroke players that regularly snap strings.

To be confident on the court is part skill and part equipment, and having a string set like the Babolat RPM Rough will ensure you stay in the game.


  • Most popular polyester stings on the market
  • Octagonal shape and coating for extra grip and control
  • Exceptional durability
  • Extra ball spin
  • More powerful than the predecessor Blast strings


  • Too firm for beginners
  • It may be underpowered for novice players
  • Mid to upper price range

7. Diadem Solstice Power Strings

  • Gauges – 15L/1.35mm – 16/1.30mm – 16L/1.25mm – 17/1.20mm
  • Length – 40ft/12.2 m
  • Composition – Star-shaped co-polyester
  • Colors – Aqua (aquamarine blue)

If you love having pinpoint control of the ball, then the Diadem Solstice Power strings are for you. Their unique six-point star shape gives massive ball spin and bite. Advanced and pro players will find the Solstice Power strings very comfortable and responsive.

Diadem strings are known for their grip and control, and the Solstice Power does not disappoint. However, the strings may be too underpowered for beginners and novice players that have not yet developed a firm stroke.  

The snapback that the Solstice Power strings provide is aggressive and fast while maintaining the comfortable feel that Diadem is known for. You can try the Diadem Solstice Black if you want a string that gives more spin and aggression than the Solstice Power.


  • Aggressive snapback
  • Extra ball spin
  • Comfortable feel
  • Unique star-shaped design
  • Perfect choice for heavy hitters
  • Pinpoint precision


  • It may not be as durable as competitor strings
  • Short playability
  • May lose tension fast

What Is The Difference Between Co-Poly and Polyester Strings?

With pure nylon strings, you know precisely what their playability is. The new age of tennis strings is filled with co-poly and pure polyester strings; you should understand the difference.

Pure polyester strings are manufactured from PET or polyethylene terephthalate. This PET is a single polymer and, in essence, a pure composition. Pure polyester strings have a higher tension and stiffer feel when playing.

Co-polyester strings are manufactured using different additives like elastomers, olefins, and plasticizers in combination with pure polyester. Combining these additives creates additional attributes in the strings, like more elasticity, higher durability, better playability, better grip, and more ball spin.

The newer co-polyester strings are easier to work with. Some have a rougher feel and star or triangular shapes to make stringing and knotting easier and faster. It’s still polyester but improved.