Best Tennis Sunglasses

If you watch enough tennis or play it yourself on bright sunny days, a thought might start to dawn on you… Why don’t more tennis players wear sunglasses? They’re relatively common in other outdoor sports played in summer sun. Watch a baseball game in the summer and chances are half of the players on either … Read more

What Tennis Strings Do the Pros Use?

I recently upgraded my tennis strings as unfortunately one snapped in a doubles match. I didn’t even have a spare racket, so I had to borrow one for the rest of the game. Didn’t go to well as you might expect after that! This is the first time I’ve had to go through the process … Read more

Can You Wear Tennis Shoes For Badminton?

As a teenager, I played badminton to a fairly high level. My years of experience playing this sport is probably a big factor as to why I like volleying in tennis and being more at the net than the baseline. Anyway, the reason for this blog post is, after a 20 year gap, I played … Read more